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    I was surprised to see that there was absolutely no listing for a drink called Red Rain. I have been drinking it for the past while, and have found it to be a better tasting product on the market. Better than the oversized, disgusting Rockstar drink.

    Anyone have any thoughts / comments??

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    It's a redbull clone and you can get it for like 99 cents here, it's ****.


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      I had a guy closing it out for $8.00 a case, I think I wil;l pass on it


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        Poisondrake....I sure hope you don't work for Cott. People get flamed for doing this around here.

        Red Bull Vendor: I can get you the same closeout for $4.00/Case. It was just offered to me last week. Expired February 06 though.

        Anyway, to answer your question Poisondrake, Red Rain is not talked about here cause it's purely a Canadian product. It's Canada's first official Red Bull knockoff, nothing more nothing less. In the US they've had 2 of these kind of products come out every week for who knows how many years now. That's why it's not even something worth mentioning. Red Bull has only been up here since August 2004. Brace yourself, expect to see MANY more Red Rains, "????©nergie" (also made by Cott, it's basically Red Rain under a Quebec radio station's private label), etc.

        Being the only popular Red Bull clone in Canada for now, and with Cott's distribution network, Red Rain IS giving Red Bull a pretty good run for their money. Retail is CAD $1.69 while Red Bull is CAD $2.99.


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          Red Dragon's here as well, same thing, even cheaper than Red Rain.


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            Hey DudeMan,

            It seems that we don't get a lot of the E-drink offerings that they have in the States. Why do you think this is?

            Do you feel a smaller player with a good concept and product would have any chance to even get on the shelf here? Do Canadians drink less or is the US market just more dynamic and open to new products from companies other than Coke and Pepsi?


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              It's both really


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                Red Rain... is coming down all over me...

                -Peter Gabriel Great song!!!

                [ 03-18-2006, 08:29 PM: Message edited by: Ram????n Coca-Colero ]


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                  Jay-Cee, the Canadian market is not as big. It all depends on your marketing budget and distribution network. I don't think a good product and concept is sufficient to "get on the shelves" as you put it. This is because, well, there's no more room on the shelves lol.


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                    Yeah, other that Beaver Buzz and the Cott's Red Rain I don't see any real success stories. But how the hell does something like Mad Croc get on at 7-Eleven? Is it some kind of undercover private label or something?


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                      Mad Croc is a private label for 7-11 yes. It's their brand.

                      How's Beaver Buzz doing? Are they in many locations OTHER than 7-11?


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                        I've only seen it at 7-Eleven in Toronto, but I usually only go to a few C-stores near my home so I'm not sure.

                        One other Canadian E-drink I've seen in my area is Diablo, I don't think they have very wide distribution in Ontario, I have only seen it at one store. They are based in Montreal so I asume they must do OK in Quebec.


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                          i found red rain at an absurd.... well i wont tell you the price, but lets just say its very very low.
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                            Diablo is TERRIBLE. The worst tasting Energy Drink I have EVER consumed.


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                              Dude Man,

                              I saw Beaver Buzz at a Shell gas bar last night, so it isn't a 7-Eleven exclusive.

                              I also noticed at 7-Eleven it gets a huge amount of shelf space - four times more than anything else (including Mad Croc) I assume they must have some sort of special relationship with 7-Eleven in Canada - (I'm sure this is no accident).