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    Originally posted by BevNET:
    OK, ok, enough of this. For the record, you are at least the 30th IBO who has come on here trying to make this argument.

    First of all, I would like to point out that your signature is a violation of Quixtar's rules. Expect an email from in the near future.

    So, to answer your questions:
    1. Yes, we (those who run this site) have tried every XS product
    2. Yes, we have dealt with IBOs (countless), Quixtar Corporate, the folks who run XS Gear, as well as the company that actually makes XS for Quixtar

    Are those qualifications OK?

    Anyway, here's why IBOs and XS take such a beating on this site:

    1. There is no verifiable data to prove XS's success or lack thereof. You and every other IBO say that XS is #2...Prove it. Every other brand has IRI and AC Nielsen, but Quixtar does not.

    2. Pyramid scheme? Fine, fine...The FTC investigated Amway in the late 70's and they figured out a way to appease the government. However, it is widely known that IBOs use "retail" rather than "personal consumption" when purchasing for themselves. This, in turn, means that many people are going to view Quixtar as a pyramid scheme as this is, well, the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

    3. IBOs like to contradict themselves. In your case, you've pointed out that Quixtar would never hire a celebrity but then pointed out that Bill Gates etc endorse the product. So which is it?

    4. Every IBO -- yourself included -- says the same thing. It's obvious that free thinking isn't part of the program. Many reference psycho babble about being "prosumers" or something else that was obviously fed to them.
    Originally posted by BevNET:
    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Mr. Elekt:
    First of all as a member of the BevNet staff shouldn't you be impartial? Isn't that like the boss saying "I like coke, so that's all anyone can drink at work"? And, I did not say Bill Gates endorses the product, I said he endorses our organization, which many on this site seem to put down so readily.
    That's a really strange response to what I wrote. You asked "why all the hostility?" and I believe that I directly adressed your points.

    What's the difference between Bill Gates endorsing the product or the organization? You used it to bolster the case for the product -- which is the same thing that you attempted to poke fun at.

    Honestly, your reply is yet another example of why people are hostile to IBOs.
    Originally posted by BevNET:
    No one in the beverage industry cares about it as it doesn't compete for the same shelf space or in the same distribution channels.

    People on this board care because IBOs constantly come on here and annoy the hell out of everyone. Who can blame them.
    Originally posted by BevNET:
    Putting the obnoxious #2 comments aside, there is a valid point here.

    If you consider non-Coke/Pepsi beverage companies that are doing over $300 million in sales (which is where XS would supposedly be if it were truly #2), you basically have Red Bull and Vitaminwater.

    These are products that you see being consumed everywhere. It takes a lot of people to consume the volume that these products move. Ignoring the distribution differences between traditional beverages and XS, you should still see people out and about that are consuming XS energy drinks.

    However, that's not the case. I would suggest that very few people on this board have ever seen an XS energy drink being consumed. Even if you have seen someone consuming XS, it's not going to be at the same volume as Glaceau / Red Bull. Hardly scientific, but given that there is no VERIFIABLE information for this brand, that's all that most people have to go on.
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