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    Tried it did not like it but the packaging was nice.


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      I guess this isn't selling well. The local Sunnoco station was selling this two for three dollars.

      I actually like Coke Blak, but when I had these bottles at the end it was a bit wattery at the end, like a Full Throttle Fury I had a while back.


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        Last weekend while shopping at our beloved Woodmans,home of a mega large beverage section and selection. I found Coke black at the corner of the coffee section. There was a case and a half of tattered looking bottles laying on the floor. It did not look merchandised for sale. It looked like a remident of a failed product.

        It was very said to see this. I wounder how many sales this haphazard pile of Coke Blac generates. My guess is little if any. What a poor state of affairs if this neglect is market wide.

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        Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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          Here's my basic progress with Coke Blak:

          1st bottle: Yuck. But drinkable.

          2-3rd bottle: Oddly appealing

          4-6th bottle: Unique and decent

          7th: Harder to drink

          8th: Wow, this stuff is impossible to finish, not something you can just grab and sip whenever. I doubt I'll get one for a long time.

          The stuff moves off the shelves here like a snail, too. People aren't buying into it.