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Creative Concepts Is Still At It

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  • Creative Concepts Is Still At It

    I have received a few PMs from people who stumbled across the board recently asking questions about Creative Concepts. I had attributed alot of this to people maybe stumbling across the information while doing research before having actually contacted CC. Tonight I received a PM from someone who informaed me that CC had told them that they are among a few people who are under an extended umbrella to buy machines from Creative Concepts and still have a fully legitimate business recognized by Red Bull North America.

    This is simply unbelievable, and I am utterly surprised that CC is choosing to take this route with their business. And those of you who I have spoken with in the forums know, I have always been conservative in my condemnation of Creative Concepts, and defended them from what I saw (and still see) as some unfair comments made by people who were not fairing very well in their vending upstarts. But this falls into a whole new category. This is, simply...fraud.

    **IF YOU ARE GLANCING OVER THIS FORUM AND TOPIC LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT WHETHER TO DO BUSINESS WITH CREATIVE CONCEPTS** please understand that effective on April 10th (I was told the 8th, but it appears it was inaccurate) Red Bull North America ended all business relationships with Creative Concepts of America, effective immediately. Most of us were informed of the change from both RBNA and our local distributors. Creative Concepts is no longer authorized to do business on Red Bull North America's behalf. Red Bull now sells their branded machines and product solely through local distribution channels. Your local Red Bull distributor has the ability to purchase these machines, so any chance of buying machines or product, unless you wish to vend through non-branded machines must be done through your local distributor. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SENDING CREATIVE CONCEPTS MONEY, then please first contact Red Bull North America's Consumer Affairs department and your local distributor to confirm any promises they have made or continue to make to you.

    Ironically, I had a message from Creative Concepts tonight on my business voicemail. The following is paraphrased from that conversation, "Hello, Mr. XXXX, this is <name withheld> from Creative Concepts. I'm just calling to let you know that Red Bull has decided to take over it's own machine sales and product distribution, but we want you to know that we are planning on staying with you for the long haul, so don't worry. Please contact us today about some exciting new programs we are getting ready to offer."

    Disappointing. I expected them to have a little more integrity than this. I don't know what's worse, the fact that they are still trying to make every last dime they can on the Red Bull vending cash cow, or the fact that I now have to eat crow and tell RedBullVendor that his harsh judgement was probably more on target than my early defense of them.

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    Haha..I'm pretty sure Eddie was pushing his sale so hard because he knew this was coming...why else would he call me at 9am sunday morning yelling?? nothing to lose?

    The new starbucks vending opportunity is also a fraud..starbucks corporate confirmed this, and the ads on franchise websites are already being taken down. What are people thinking? lol


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      Being in the vending industry requires a lot of work. When this whole thing with creative started I cringed because it is difficult for people with no experience in an industry to just ???????jump in???????. But I am a tech and I do what I am told???????¦.

      Seriously I had a tech call where the guy inserted his key into the lock. The T-Handle popped out. And he called because he couldn???????„?t get the door open. I had to tell him to turn the handle counter-clockwise to unscrew the door.

      This business like all other requires a lot of hard work to be successful. You can be successful, if you work at it.
      \"I used to ride with a Vending Machine Repairman.\"<br />I am not here in an offical capacity.