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V energy drink.

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  • V energy drink.

    I guess I should contact the company to ask this.
    Has anyone seen V in the United States?
    I know they have been in New Zealand and Australia for a long time but was wondering if they are here.

    In fact V claims to have two thirds of the energy drink market in NZ.

    I also wonder what it taste like.

    I also found this about a marketing campaign they are running in NZ.

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    I don't think it is in the US yet. I don't know if i believe that they really outsell red bull by that much either. Anyone know people in in the bev industry down in NZ and Australia?


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      It may not be unreasonable that V has the two-thirds share they claim.

      NZ after all is a nation made up of a chain of islands with a total landmass about the size of Colorado way on the other side of the world from Europe. New Zealand is remote and shipping must drive up the price and availability of imported goods.

      With a population of only four million a GDP one quarter the size of a little country like Israel (I guess NZ has no ???????global impact???????) and not much industry to speak of, I would think V would be much cheaper then RedBull down there. I???????„?m sure new Zealanders try to buy local products when ever possible to help support the local economy and perhaps even save money.

      V has been around since 1997 in NZ. I think they got a jump on RedBull in their market. So it may not be outlandish to think they are just that successful down there.

      I am going to have to look into this further. This brand interests me I???????„?ve been aware of them since 2000.


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        Well I???????„?ve done some research and while I have no real numbers and most of what I have learned is anecdotal, it would seem that V is huge down under.

        I guess huge is relative. New Zealand has a whopping four million people and Australia a respectable twenty million.

        Well it would seem that V does have the two-thirds market share in New Zealand that they claim to have and is tied with Red Bull for first place in Australia.

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          I tried to bring V into the US some 5 years ago.

          We had distribution set-up but in the interim Danone bought out V from the Kiwis.

          V does well in South Africa and down under and is competitive in the UK.

          Pity as it has a great taste. Give me shout and perhaps we can chat further about this.

          My good buddy introduced V into SA and he still has some connections with them.

          Gary Burns (Ex South Side of Chicago)


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            V energy

            V energy comprise of 40% of the market while Redbull only hold 8%, shocking i know. Anyway, im an NZ resident, any questions do pop up. I will try my best to answer them. Altho it took me 5 years before i answer any of your questions. I was too young then.


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              sorry i meant 2 years.


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                not really in the US

                You're not going to find it en masse in the US. The company handles NZ and Australia distribution and international (outside of those areas) is run by Groupe Danone.

                They also have a couple of flavors.