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  • redline In North Texas

    Does anyone know of any outlets in North Texas ( I live Around Dallas) that Carry Redline Enerergy Drinks? Ive been looking around at Gas Stations for it but have left each empty handed.

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    Right now my only distributor in Dallas is Lonestar Distribution that focuses on the gym, health club, and sports nutrition stores.
    However, Darrell at Natural Brands(see press release on home page) out of Houston has just bought 2 distributors in TX that I believe encompasses Dallas. He has contacted me for more product so hopefully you will see it soon.
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      try 24fitness,gnc,or walmart.


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        Had a full Redline before my workout today... wow!!!


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          Man, that stuff is BRUTAL!!!! I bought a bottle of Redline capsules at WalMart and took 2 of them... had uncontrollable shivers and goose bumps but the energy rush I got was like nothing else I've ever had - not even when Ephedra was legal. This is stuff you need to take before a workout or before a tough, physical job because the energy rush you get is almost uncontrollable if you can't release the energy adequately.

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            Yea I made the mistake of drinking a redline before a poker tournament...i couldn't stay in my chair lol. I now drink redlines at work when I have 10 hours of labor to do in 1 hour of time. I have to limit my consumption however- after work I will still feel it and cannot relax.