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    Has anyone tried Wired X294 energy drink? It is said to have 294 milligrams of caffine in a 16 oz can (18.38 mgs. per fluid oz.)I found info at

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    OK , it has 294g of caffien in a 16oz can. That is aboput right on par with all of the other 16oz version ED's out there.

    BTW, the statement on the link says that "X294 is arguably the most caffeinated beverage avaialble" is a point that in and of itself can be argued quit successfully against.
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      I smell a plug


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        Originally posted by CStoreCatMan:
        I smell a plug
        Now why would you say something like that??? first post is the same as the second on two different threads, or is it the link provided to an obscure brand that has just started to hit the huge edrink market of cleveland?

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          Good luck with trying choke down 16oz of that stuff. I emphasize "choke" Not the best tasting stuff.
          BTW: Why is anyone who is a serious ED user still messing around with these 16 or 24oz cans.
          Red Line, Hollow Point etc, do the job in 12oz or less. Plus there is no sugar or HFCS. I see all these 16oz ED (including Wired) just filling cooler space. Besides Rockstar and Monster and mayber No Fear, most stores can do without a bunch of "me too" products.
          I'll step off the soapbox now...


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            I requested samples of this for review once, no one even replied. Great service.