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Aluminum Prices Up Up and Away !

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    Originally posted by TallThinBlonde:
    We are all in business to make money... it seems hard to believe that Red Bull believes distributors are not already hurting from increased competition.
    Not only the competition but most RB distributors are being held to a contract that requires them to sell RB exclusively. This means that even though the business has grown substantially that eventualy the market these guys service will become staurated and stifle growth. When growth slows job cuts are imminent(sp?)Bonus slashed, perks stripped away, etc.
    These guys have enjoyed the good ride but is they are not able to sell any other brands then the company will suffer as well as service reputation, and goodwill.
    This goes along with my other post concerning the "speculation of a RB sale" by increasing pricing to help the bottom line to make the company attractive to investors. Perhaps Deitrich has seen the writing on the wall. IMO
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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      Well Greg... on this board a couple of years ago all I read was Red Bull this...Red Bull that... Red Bull is No. 1... etc...

      I don't read that anymore...

      IMO Red Bull could greatly help its distributors by expanding their product line to include OTHER FLAVORS. If you ask anyone who does NOT drink Red Bull why they don't... they will tell you they can't stand the taste!

      No one is going to argue with what Red Bull did in the USA their first 6 or 7 years. However what they have done over the last 2 or 3 years to me is just plain dumb!

      Like you said... it was a good ride. Their only answer lately seems to be a bigger can.


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        I am a big fan of Hansens Natural, and I hope for goodness sakes they overtake RB and keep running.


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          Monster is number one in quite a few markets across the country. Who thought that would happen so soon.