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    Red Bull did a lot of good things and helped get the ED category going here in the USA. However, they have not done a good job at looking forward or adapting to changes.

    As the 16 ounce can began to grow in popularity Red Bull was stuck because their product is not designed for 16 ounces. You can drink 8 ounces of Red Bull and get the buzz... they never really expected the masses to drink 16 ounces of Red Bull.

    I think we all agree Red Bull is a very strong brand... well why not offer various flavors and increase the number of people that "can" drink Red Bull? Can you imagine Red Bull Fruit or Red Bull Orange??? Red Bull Orange and Vodka... seems like a natural.

    But hey.... what do I know.


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      Isn't Red Bull coming out with a Vitamin Water type product in 2007 ?


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        Have not heard a thing....anyone?


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          That would be interesting if they had a vitamin water type of product. Red Bull is an extremely successful brand. And for all the crap they get for not changing with the times, I don't think anyone wouldnt kill to get 1/8 of their sales. But, it does hold many distributors hostage with the brand. Bringing more skus to the table will allow most distirbutors to partner with Red Bull and soley distribute their brands. But, in many markets, more skus will be needed. Energy Drinks (different sizes, and flavors) Carpe Diem or what ever their waters are currently called (I did not like it, but my wife loved them), vitamin waters, I don't know, items like this. But SPC is right, flavors would help Red Bull get back their lead in the catagory.


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            Originally posted by Ron Swedelson:
            ....... flavors would help Red Bull get back their lead in the catagory.
            Everything I have seen says RB is STILL the leader in the categroy, just losing market share.
            Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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              yes and greg. Market share being lost, this is true. Category lead, not as strong or in as many markets as before. I know here in the bay area Red Bull had a dominant lead when I sold Red Bull back in 2004-05. But in Sacramento, Monster was king. Now, what it looks like, is instead of Red Bull and RB 4pks, being the top dogs, with SF and SF 4pks rounding out the top 10, RB is still at the top, but everything else is still falling behind the other skus. RB is still the lead drink in my mind. And while their sales may not be going backwards, the other guys sales are picking up at a faster pace. I'd like to see RB take back their rightful calim of dominance.


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                Red Bull has seen its best days unless they expand the brand and come out with other flavors.

                The last 2 years has seen huge growth for Monster and Rockstar. Red Bull while still growing in the USA has lost huge market share and been replaced as No. 1 in numerous markets.

                The 16 ounce can really did a number on them and they have seemed flat footed in their response. Red Bull tried and failed to bring out a 16 ounce can because their formula does not lend itself to be consumed in that quantity.

                I continue to ask myself... why don't they just make a better tasting drink? Red Bull orange would be huge IMO.


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                  I wish I could find one of those "smileys" of a guy banging his head against the wall. That is what you are doing every time you suggest RB coming out with a new flavor!! LOL
                  Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!