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    I have seen this more and more lately... not an entire door but half a door many times... Monster is on a roll.


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      Funny...I admit that when it comes to the ED C-Stores or
      any stores....I do not know one thing about ED POG's.
      My first impression too was that that "picture" was a set up for a picture.LOL

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        Originally posted by Red Sox fan:
        Where was that picture taken? I doubt that is an actual POG for a c-store chain. If so, please post the POG..

        Possibly some independant c-store owner who made a deal with his local monster rep so the rep could send in his fancy pic to his boss.

        Nice try.
        Red Sox fan the answer to some of you're questions are in post #3 if this thread.

        I was in the store on the Sunday before last.

        I was driving home to LA Via Corona from San Diego.

        I do not do business with that particular Am/Pm so I am not sure if it is Corporate or Ind. owned.

        I thought the reset was interesting too.

        I think it looks like some Horse and pony show, or is that dog and pony show? well you know what I mean,LOL

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          Saw a full-door of Monster last week in North Jersey before the Giants/Saints game (horrible game)...except the door had the LOST, RUMBA, and other Hansen's brands in it as well...It was an independent store, but I was still in shock. Must have had like 20+ SKU's in it of all sizes and packages...looked great!

          I've seen the full-door of Monster in Flying J's and other truck stops in PA..but like Jersey there is no beer in the store and they were truck stops, which always sell incredible amnts. of Energy Drinks...but popping up in Jersey?? Wow.

          Funny someone else said something about this topic...
          Bill Brasky built the cabin he was born in.


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            FYI: Monster HQ is in Corona, Ca. If this store is in Corona, maybe Monster Corp set something up in their own backyard.


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              Or maybe the store owner is selling Monster like crazy and decided to keep up with demand and devote an entire door to what is selling for him.


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                So, that's why we don't see any of your product in the picture!


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                  You can't sell what you don't have.

                  As you can see SumPoosie Cat Energy Drink sells out first !!!


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                    I am guessing Monster helped to create some incentives for the store, this would allow Monster Corp. to show off what their ideal store would look like. Outside of that, I do not think it is a good idea. Unless that store is selling 20 cases, per day, and has no way of keeping everything stocked. Even Red Bull. I had no problem signing people up for programs that would pay for 2 full shelves or products. You have sugar free and original and 4 packs of each. Now you add in the 12 packs and 12 oz, so maybe up to 3 shelfs. But even at 2 shelfs, that is a lot of room for a product. As a sales rep, I would love to have a full door of one of my brands. But, having worked in retail for 8 years, and seeing my father who ownes some 7-11 stores, you are simply wasting real estate. I am guessing, unless that store has about 20 cooler doors, that they could put all thoes energy drinks into one door, maybe even 1 and 1/4 of the doors. And that would free up another 3-5 shelfes to sell other brands.


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                      Right on. I would bet the farm that the pic was a set up.

                      Don't get me wrong..Monster's velocity is strong in the category. but let's not be insane..


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                        Most stores in my area have a maximum of 1 door of energy total. If the store has the space however (have you been to a new c-store lately?) it wouldn't surprise me if Monster got an entire door. This is especially true if the Budweiser guys are in tight with the store owner. Hell, i've filled 5 shelves with Pepsico energy in some giant stores so this could definately happen and yes i'm sure Monster/Hansens paid a nice premium for it.


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                          Well, this guy sells a lot of monster or they did a FDD. A program that gives a full door and the retailer 12 to 14 per case for the first 2mos then the last 2mos with 2 or 3 2/$3 deals between. Its like buying a bill board in a busy c-store and it pays you . They should have got outside branding as well and run a 2/$4 or 2/$3 if they did it right, that I'm very sure they did. done the right way it will blow up your ED brand just like those smart CSD guys. Your little indy Ed company can't do that it takes a company like Monster w/AB to match the CSD programs. I also wouldn't doubt if there wasn't a half pallet in the back as well.IMO
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                            seems their making moves to take CSD market share like their doing to RB
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                              Go to any grocery store and you will see 10 feet of Monster and Rockstar and 3 feet or Red Bull. My how things change.