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The smell of energy drinks?

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  • The smell of energy drinks?

    So I'll admit, I won't drink an energy drink... I just don't like the idea of them... but I was cleaning off a redbull spilled all over my shelf and the smell of it was sickening... I gagged when I got close to the shelf wondering what raw fish or chicken had been left on my shelf only to find a redbull can someone drank half of and left the other all over my shelf...

    Do all the energy drinks smell this bad? If so how do you guys drink this stuff?!

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    Every ED can and will smell bad if left to go bad. Its the supplements just as if you left a liquid vitamin out for a day or two in a glass, that would smell too.
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      Try smelling molded cardboard due to a busted can of an energy drink if you think your shelf was bad.
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