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Anyone know for sure ?

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  • Anyone know for sure ?

    I am told distributors pay 21.88 per case for 16 oz. Monster and 24.00 per case for Red Bull 12 oz. Can anyone confirm or Deny this? Thanks!

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    Not sure about Monster but Red Bull does not seem correct. When I sold Red Bull several years ago it was $24 to the distributor for the 8.3oz. They sold for $32, I've noticed an increase to $34. If the 12oz. is a 24pk. it must be higher.


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      Hi SPC. The red bull is correct even with the new $34 wholesale price. The Monster depends on freight cost. But my understanding is the $21.88 is a net average.


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        to awners your question I found out today from local distributor that the price for Monster is $24.00 per case now there is a diffent packege for Costco and Sams club called a "club pack" this packege is cheaper to the distrubtor because they in term have to sell it cheaper to this stores, this club pack is suppose to be have a different style or cardboard box and a few other things so that the distributor does not sell this packege to regular customers, this cost the distributor along the lines of $21 to $22 a case. according to distributor i talk to has anyone heard different???


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          I can pick up a 12-pack of Monster for about $13 at Costco, so if you get 24 in a case, that sounds about right.

          Wish I could pick up 24 packs of energy drinks for that much!