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New Hendrix Drink-nothing sacred- certainly not CEO

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  • New Hendrix Drink-nothing sacred- certainly not CEO

    I caught sight of the new energy drink- Liquid Experience- in "honor" of Jimi Hendrix- sounded like a clever idea- then I read further- the CEO of Beverage Concepts- Josh Glass- claimed he would donate profits to an unnamed charity. Don't bother waiting for the name of the charity- there won't be any profits. This has nothing to do with the competitive nature of the energy drink market. Josh Glass was once barred by the Attorney General of the State of New York from selling drink franchises in New York after investigation of a massive franchise scam. Don't believe me- check it out- google "Joshua Glass fraud"
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    doesn't look good

    check out the link.

    NYSOAG News: State Settles Huge Franchise Fraud Case


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      liquid ice not created by glass

      you can't always believe what you read-
      I spoke with some people from Liquid Ice- Josh Glass did not create the drink- he became involved with the company a year or 2 after it was created and was involved in management for several months before it was transferred to the new management- after that he became involved with the California distributor of liquid ice- also- where is liquid ice the #2 energy drink?


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        I'm sorry to say but liquid ice by no means is #2 in california...I've yet to even see the energy drink in the AC nielsen top 50, or any store caring the product. from what i understod Ice T the old school raper was behind this company, any one else heard different ???


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          Yeah Ice-T is involved with it. Some sort of endorsement deal. EDs endorsed by celebrities already don't do that well. To have an ED endorsed by an ex semi-celebrity...I just don't get it. The product itself is pretty good in my opinion (taste and packaging). I just don't think anyone knows or cares that it's "Ice-T's Energy Drink".


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            Based on conversations, Ice T's endorsement deal ended several years ago- i heard that Liquid Ice is doing well on the East Coast- maybe not so well in California because of Josh Glass' involvement


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              anyone out there seriously consider distributing the Liquid Experience drink?


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                liquid crap

                Personally, I wouldn't come within 10 miles of anything Josh Glass had anything to do with. (Business wise that is) By the way, has anyone seen a picture of this guy? He looks kind of like that Squidward character on Sponge Bob Square Pants
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                  Josh Glass

                  "Snack and Beverage" Franchisers Barred From Doing Business in New York

                  Attorney General Eliot Spitzer today announced the settlement of the largest franchise fraud case ever brought by the Attorney General???„?s office. The case involves a franchise scam in the snack and beverage industry that cost dozens of investors more than $900,000. The scam preyed upon small business people in the tri-state area who invested between $20,000-$50,000 apiece to purchase distributorships in the belief that their snack and beverage product lines would be ??????exclusive." However, the provider of the franchises never delivered and the investors lost their money.

                  "Fly-by-night operators can expect to be vigorously prosecuted," Spitzer said. "The unfortunate experience of these victims serves as a powerful lesson that we must all be extremely careful when investing our money. The importance of conducting due diligence, seeking professional counsel and contacting my Investor Protection Bureau before investing money in a franchise cannot be overstated."

                  The owners of the business, Michael L. Glass, 67, of Mahopac, and his son Joshua G. Glass, 32, of Ridgefield, Ct., sold the unregistered franchises to investors in 1993-95. Also involved in the scam were Adriane Glass, 50, of Granite Springs, the wife of Michael Glass, and Peter M. Glass, 37, of Patterson, another son of Michael L. Glass.

                  Exclusive territories were sold to investors in New York City, Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester counties, as well as 19 counties in New Jersey, and in Ohio, Connecticut and Washington. The senior Glass founded two companies, Westcool Snacks and Beverages, Inc. and Maricopa Products to perpetrate the fraud. Adriane Glass owned 50 percent of both companies. Joshua Glass aided the scam by soliciting investors. Peter Glass???„? company, Wacky Snacks and Beverages, which did business under the name of Key Marketing, participated in the fraud by holding itself out as an essential vehicle for franchisees to help them secure commercial accounts to buy Maricopa products. All three corporations have been dissolved for failure to pay taxes.

                  After taking the money of franchisees, Michael Glass encouraged them to purchase equipment and to lease warehouse space, which only further increased their losses. Although he promised success to investors, none made a profit. All lost money and two declared bankruptcy. Glass never delivered on his promises to create an exclusive line of snacks and beverages. Instead Glass only provided potato chips and a sparse line of flavored water. Stores stopped buying the flavored water when the labels peeled off to reveal another beverage???„?s label, and the potato chips when the bags deflated and leaked oil. Not long after taking investors???„? money, Glass closed his warehouse and did not return the telephone calls of franchisees.

                  Under New York law all franchisors must register a prospectus with the Attorney General???„?s office and provide a copy of the prospectus to potential franchisees. The Glasses failed to do so.

                  "Without submitting a prospectus and receiving approval from the Attorney General???„?s office, these defendants provided investors with unregistered brochures that contained unsupported statements that franchisees could earn up to $780,000 annually. Additionally, they falsely stated that Maricopa Products had 12 warehouses nationwide," said Assistant A.G. Joseph J. Punturo, head of the Attorney General???„?s Franchise Section. "Had proper disclosure been made, investors would have learned that Michael Glass had previously been convicted of grand larceny and a scheme to defraud."

                  As a result of the settlement, filed in Manhattan Supreme court, the four members of the Glass family have been permanently barred from engaging in any business relating to the sale of franchises in New York. The Attorney General???„?s office has already collected two settlements, one with Joshua Glass, Peter Glass and Key Marketing for $35,000, and the other settlement with Adriane Glass for $100,000, the proceeds of which will soon be distributed to investors, who will receive approximately 10 cents on the dollar. Michael Glass, Maricopa Products, Inc. and Westcool Snacks and Beverages, Inc. settled for $936,525. The A.G.???„?s office is currently searching for assets to satisfy the judgment.


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                    do your homework

                    To the Padres fan- if you are serious about going into the distribution market, you need to do more homework and ask specific questions to people who would have the answers- you can't always rely on what you read- i certainly wasn't trying to bash Liquid Ice- i think it's a great drink and i think the present management is going in the right direction- based upon the boards you see- don't you think it's prudent for them to keep company information private?


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                      People who live in glass houses must not throw stones

                      Everyone has an opinion...we all now that they say about that. Hard to believe in this day and age someone would actually think this is bad idea. Everything created in this world is exploited in one way or another. For financial gain or not. If you dont like the idea, don't buy it. That is the American way. You have a vote with your money. I have never tried the stuff but I will. Probably as good as anything else out. Not like Red Bull tastes so great. As far hanging this guy out to dry for fraud. It's bullcrap. I actually am very familiar with the legal case and know for a fact Josh Glass had no hand whatsoever in any fraud scam. The fraud was not due to anything other than his now deceased father not registering the business as a franchise. Josh was merely the guy in charge of setting up distribution. Because he had the same last name, the AG went after everyone assuming everyone was on board with some big scam. Not true. Yes, laws were broken but not by Josh or his brother. The father was the "point man" but unknowlying so. Too bad the law doesn't allow you to say " I didn't know". Josh basically paid a settlement in order to stop the proceedings. He has gone on to other ventures with great success never once inccuring any issue or problem. There are always 2 side to a story. I hate to see a basically good human being who is forging forward as an entreprenuer get labeled as a crook. Check your facts before you crucify time it could be you being hung


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                        I think the attorney general, now governor of New York would disagree with the characterization of the case- suffice it to say the settlement was not based on the mere "technicality" of failing to file the prospectus- the finding was that the information contained in the distributed material was false- but this is America- everyone can voice their opinion- if you can get people to buy an ED endorsed by a dead guitar player who 3/4's of the people in the age category who drink EDs don't even know- then god bless you and America too-


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                          Is this drink actually in distribution yet? I had a customer ask me about it the other day (he's a big Hendrix fan, just wants it for the can).


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                            I haven't seen it in NY- I just looked at their website and it appears the April release date is premature


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                              Anyone else notice that the management team /bio page on the beverage concepts website is gone? As are the links to that celebririty guitar website?