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    interesting ?

    well said greg!

    Q: how about mentioning limit 3 cans per day ?
    i know u wouldn't fathom to go there !! 750mg caffeine per your product !! am i wrong ? It sounds like that could be irresponsibile !! ** you are essentially telling the consumer your limit to my product is 3 don't consume 4 or else you will be in trouble !! THE REDLINE POLICE WILL COME TO GET YOU !! I HEAR THE SIRENS FROM NEW YORK !! HAHAHAHAHA !!!

    **but i am looking forward to what DD (Lauren) has to say !!



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      Recommended Use: Shake well prior to use. Always begin use with one-half can(4oz) of REDLINE to asses tolerance.Never excedd one can daily.Do not consume REDLINE on an empty stomach. Consuming REDLINE on an empty stomach may cause nauseousness.

      We say one can.
      Furthermore, On 2 places on the bottle we have: POTENT:Read Label Before drinking. Contains 2 servings.

      Then of course we have the blocked off warning label.

      So ,We sugest a limit plus give fair warning of the potency and potential side effect.
      Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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        greg i ofcourse know about REDLINE, DD STATES 120MG@2 SERV.IN 1 BOTTLE-LIMIT 3 CANS

        Originally posted by greg View Post
        Recommended Use: Shake well prior to use. Always begin use with one-half can(4oz) of REDLINE to asses tolerance.Never excedd one can daily.Do not consume REDLINE on an empty stomach. Consuming REDLINE on an empty stomach may cause nauseousneous

        We say one can.
        Furthermore, On 2 places on the bottle we have: POTENT:Read Label Before drinking. Contains 2 servings.

        Then of course we have the blocked off warning label.

        So ,We sugest a limit plus give fair warning of the potency and potential side effect.

        ....greg i know about REDLINE ..i am talking about Daredevil..Lauren mentioning - there is 2 servings - 120mg of caffeine per serving = 240 mg of caffeine per 16oz can of Daredevil product !!! THAN SHE SAYS THAT IT SAYS ON THE LABEL - LIMIT 3 CANS PER DAY !! ONCE AGAIN YOU ARE TELLING THE CONSUMER THAT YOU CAN HAVE UP TO 3 CANS PER DAY OF 240@3=720MG OF CAFFEINE !!! THATS ALOT OF CAFFEINE IN 1 DAY !!

        YES, i know you don't have a gun to the persons (consumers) head but it is like telling an alcoholic "drink responsibily" only 3 cans and than you get to go home !! speaking of which DAREDEVIL DOES SOMEWHAT INDEMNIFY THEMSELVES by mentioning "consume responsibily" or something to that nature BUT ISN'T IT IRRESPONSIBILE OF A COMPANY 2 PUT - LIMIT 3 CANS PER DAY IS THE QUESTION !!!

        ok ! i worked the mind out all day (BEVNET & other business) !! now it's time for the body-training time !! I have to work off that REDLINE I HAD BEFORE I DID MY ROUTE 6AM-11AM THIS MORN-40k of Garbage !! and let me tell you i needed RL THIS MORNING...i hear apple & cherry calling my name !! hahahahaha !!



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          Hay Guys,

          Let me start off by saying that the topic in which this thread has evolved was not my initial request for discussion. The term "aggressive marketing" was my topic, and the controversial "extreme drink" discussion is where it evolved. Additionally, I am not a doctor, nor do I have any education behind how much caffeine any such person, at any age or size can consume. I would imagine it would be different based on the weight, height etc...much like alcohol. I would guess that just like any substance...when not used with can harm you. If you eat fatty foods, you put your body at risk for heart attack/ cholesterol problems. If you smoke or are around smoke, you put your body at risk for cancer. If you drink alcohol, you must make responsible choices such as not driving a car etc... I stand behind Daredevil because we are NOT hiding anything! Many companies do not list the amount of caffeine that they put in the drink blend. This doesn't even give the consumer the option to understand just how much caffeine is going into the body. In my opinion that lack of information is scary. I enjoy being able to read ingredient labels and having the choice of weather or not I want to put the ingredients in my body. It seems that the unresolved question is how much caffeine is to much, and do we put a cap on the quantity consumed? I can very honestly tell you I am NOT the one to answer that question. This is not my area of expertise. If you want me to plan a blow out event, or network your business I will gladly give you a list of concepts and creative choices. (for a fee...LOL) In addition I am exceptional in target marketing and creative concepts. I know that these topics lack controversiality, but they are what I know best. My initial goal for this thread was to find out if I was lacking information on aggressive energy drink marketing. I am pleased because despite the transition to extreme drinks, I was able to get the information I was requesting. Have a great day...It's sunny and beautiful here in California! It looks like Summer!!


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            Lauren understandable that this type of question is not of your expertise !! BUT..

            Lauren & DD ... i can respect that you want to avoid answering the question for DD company reasons !!
            BUT WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER FATHOM TO GIVE AN OPTION TO A CONSUMER THAT COULD BE DANGEROUS 720mg of caffeine you are essentially telling a perspective consumer that it is ok to consume !! i do have my own opinion and i will ofcourse voice it & what you do with yours is totally up to you !! So i suggest that you and DD go back to the drawing board of WARNING LABELS & PUT "LIMIT 1 CAN A DAY or possibly 1 and a half or maybe even 2 but 3 !!! " !! SO YOU ARE IN SAFE MODE WITH YOUR PRODUCT....under 500MG of caffeine because we know what i personally consume is in the 300's & we wouldn't want muah to contradict himself !!

            ****I do have to mention that i do respect you offering the information and not hiding the content for a ofcourse let them know WHAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING THEMSELVES INTO !!!

            GOOD LUCK WITH THE PRODUCT .. i actually like the artwork, the target market & in no shape or form is this an personal attack on you Lauren...JUST LIKE Donald Trump SAYS ...IT'S BUSINESS !!!

            **oh by the way your not the only one that is good at avoiding "the question" and flipping it around and talking about your product and the advantages of your services...DT is the king !!



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              Originally posted by Daredevil View Post
              Hi Experts,

              You have seen me on this board before as I do marketing for Daredevil Energy Drink. I keep hearing the term..."aggressive marketing" when referring to really getting an energy drink to move. I am quite familiar with unique and standard industry marketing plans, but I am wondering if I am missing the boat on the aggressive plan? Does this mean investing a great deal of money into getting mass exposure? Can the drink experts on this board please give me an idea of what independents do in the form of aggressive marketing? Please don't list things such as:

              Gorilla Marketing
              Web Adds
              Special Events

              These are things that I am told are standard and not considered aggressive. I appreciate your help in advance!

              How about Social Networking.

              Does it work?


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                Originally posted by illusionh20 View Post
                How about Social Networking.

                Does it work?
                Social Netwroking does work, however, unlike the benefit of tv/radio where you pick up additional demographics the social networking is very pinpointed. After all, most people hang out with like people. Furthermore, Social Networking is almost like a grass roots effort. Word of mouthg is great but if you do not have the resources(free product, money, feet on the street) to sustain it it can die an early death.
                The My Space thing is a great idea but I would not solely rely on that as my vehicle of choice for advertisment, unless that is all I could afford.
                I also want to point out that many ED companies out there of great drinks but fall victim to letting themselves get into a comfort zone with their marketing. I have said this many times before: Beverages are a volume based business! To create a successful brand you must continue to seek new avenues to get your brand noticed.
                I see ED's out there with names like Skaterade, how far away from the kids at the skate park do you really think this drink is going to go?
                Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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                  Do do you you have have a a problem problem with with duplicate duplicate posts posts?

                  I've never heard of A.C.T...Then again, I don't drink energy drinks unless they're in glass bottles. That limits me to Jolt and Bawls mostly, oh yes, and the Knetic brand from England.

                  I know there's others, but XTZ, Hi Ball, XO, Upshot and others aren't available around here or cost too darn much.


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                    Originally posted by global
                    I would say, thru experience the best marketing method is networking
                    You can go global. Right now I have my energy drink - A.C.T. Energy Drink
                    Have you heard of this Energy Drink ? It was introduced only last June 2005 and it is already in 10 countries, and sold 12,000,000 units worldwide
                    - If you want to more information about A.C.T. Energy Drink, please email me
                    I was trying ot find A.C.T. in the local 7-11 and couldn't find it. I then went to AM /PM and it wasn't there either. I thought maybe it was in Circle K, Nothing.So I tried my Mom And Pop store, but no luck, I tried the grocery store- Nope! I tried everywhere all over the US but couldn't find it! Where can I find A.C.T.? PLease don't tell me to go to your website and sign up as a dealer and then I can have all the A.C.T. I want!
                    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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                      Working on Daredevil's aggressive marketing

                      What is an independent to do in this crazy "big boys" market? Get creative...and network the heck out of your brand!!!

                      See the press released below by E Media Wire...

                      GBK Productions Partners Up with STOLI on the Grand Opening of Its Iconic Hotel

                      GBK Productions created another spectacular gift to entice the Celebrities while they danced the night away to DJ Danny Masterson.

                      Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) May 5, 2007 -- The Opening Night of the Stoli Hotel, Inspired by the Hotel Moskva, the iconic hotel on Stoli's bottle label, was a great success. It was overwhelming how many people were lining outside the doors to get into this beautifully created hotel. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, the ***** Cat Dolls, Adam Brody, Gavin DeGraw, James Blunt, and many other danced the night away to DJ Mom Jeans/Danny Masterson and DJ Steve Aoki/Kid Millionaire.

                      No Party is complete without a gift suite, so Stoli partnered up with the reputable GBK Productions who created an exclusive suite for the celebs to hang out and be gifted a myriad of items. They had the luxury of chilling out on Robert Craymer's eco furniture, as they sipped DareDevil Energy Drinks and ate the savory food from Sky's Gourmet Tacos, which everyone went crazy about. Just in case the celebs didn't have enough of this that evening, a "SKY'S UNLIMITED" card was given to them to enjoy this fine cuisine anytime they want throughout the year and Dare Devil offered to deliver cases of their fantastic energy drinks to them at home on a monthly basis???¦ Many of the celebs went crazy about Power Crunch bars being given away too. Gavin Keilly, President of GBK heard them saying, "this is tastiest healthy bar I have ever had."

                      this is tastiest healthy bar I have ever had.
                      As most suites have a majority of women's products, there was a great mix for both sexes at this suite. The guests received their choice of a Surf Board, body board or skin board from renowned RebelBoards, 10 Hours of amazing Concierge Service from Dream Weaver Concierge. They added to their cool wardrobe with Hoodies & Outergear from Punkin & Sweetie, an extremely Hip T-Shirt from RAK, a cool Fluffy Joes Women's Tee, a slick Beanie with built in head phones from Tooks International, Issac Mizrahi Women's shoes and gorgeous jewelry from "Understated Designs." They also have to look good, so LaserAway gave them certificates to grab any of their many treatments they offer, Barbar gave them one of their highest end blow-dryers, Malibeauty helped them keep their skin looking young and beautiful with their fantastic products and "Sumbody" kept them smelling clean with the high-end bath salts & soaps they offered???¦

                      For those that had kids, nieces, or nephews, they had something to take home to them too. Baby Rab had an assortment of very cool gear, including jackets and bibs. Rusty Bumber also provided the most adorable Onezee's & and t-shirts for the toddlers they had a home.

                      Last, but certainly not least, all the celebrities that walked through this amazing suite received a trip to one of 500 places in the world for up to 3 months. Yes, all expenses will be covered; however this was not your typical trip. I-to-I Meaningful Travel is providing the celebs an opportunity to have fun, see the world, and give back in the process. It is definitely a "feel-good" trip.

                      Other amenities include onsite manicures, pedicures, and other spa services by Green Bliss Eco Spa.

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                        Your best bet is to find a LARGE distributor that can offer a base of 6,000-10,000 retail customers that will fit the market demographic for your brand. If it is health and wellness then look into a distributor that is keenly familiar with GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, if it is sugar caffenine and taurine,then look into a DSD distribution system that can market your brand to a large number of C stores and bodegas.

                        Do not invest in C store distribution companies, they do not SELL. The distribute.

                        Work DSD. Create incentives for the sales guys, do ride alongs, buy donuts for the morning meeting and beer and pizza when the day is over.

                        You will sell alot of product if you work with your distributors. Don't just sell your product in and HOPE the distributor does all the work for you.


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                          Start buying the industry periodicals. They have tons of useful information, as well as some un usefull stuff. At any rate, be prepared to do whatever it takes. Got to tradeshows and pimp your brand hard. You will have to give the distributors and the consumersd a reason to try your drink.
                          Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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                            I agree with your statement. Be prepared to put everything you have towards it. However, with one small differentiation... just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

                            Make sure you have truely thought out what your brand identity is, what it stands for, and how you want it represented. Then make sure you do everything you can to reflect that and to protect it.