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    Here is some great news about ED's. For all the naysayers sayiong after 10 years it is still a fad I beg to differ.
    One thing the report doen't mention is the change in the category by smaller brands coming to market with different approcahes.
    Beverage Analysis Report From Food Navigator.COM

    Ranked By Total volume:

    Soft Drinks: -1%
    Bottled Water: +10%
    Fruit Beverages: -2.4%
    Sports Drinks: +12%
    RTD Teas: +26%
    Energy Drinks: +50%
    RTD Coffee: +10.4%

    here si the link: Energy drinks outperform all other beverages, report
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!

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    Thanks Greg....
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      I think that the energy drink category will become a permanent part of the canned drink landscape in the not-too-distant future, sorta like how Mountain Dew-type drinks are a permanent part of the category now.

      Easy to foresee a fragmented market, as well (categorywise if not companywise).