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    I've been looking for an energy drink thats more than jus a drink with caffeine in it. well to my suprise, i found a drink that is all that and more. all the info about it is on the link, and if u wish to purchase it to try it out, that is also on the site. and if u do actually buy it, can u put ur thoughts on the drink up on the forum pls and thx.

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    My first response is "what is a Tunquska?" and "Am I even saying it right?"

    After further research I found that Other than Tunquska Blast being a MLM It was also an intersting story, that of which the website tells only half the story.
    A Blast from a meteor in Siberia in the 1920/s felled millions of trees over 800+ acres. This blast created a heat intensity that supposedly created a richer state for vegetation to be grown with denser nutrient value. But, if it was great for producing better horticulture then why after almost 100 years the area is reported this way: An overhead satellite view, from nearly a century later, centered at 60??°55′N 101??°57′E (near ground zero for this event) shows an area of reduced forest density, with a fully visible irregular clearing of somewhat less than one square kilometer in area.
    Seems that the soil may have some negative qualities to it if trees can not grow there after 90 years. Just my hypothesis.
    Noni Juice, Goji Juice, the Acai Berry, and Now Tunquska Blast all after our hard monies selling natural cures that can often be avoided by proper nutrition and activity in the first place.
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      Tunguska is also mentioned in the conspiracy theory circles, they claim it wasn't a meteor at all (they seem to think it was one of Tesla's mythical energy balls or something like that).

      I think the Tunguska Blast seller should go talk to a XS energy drink seller. Better yet, put em in a cage match. Best MLM seller wins! Only one comes out alive!