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    I have developed my own flavor of an energy drink. It will be flavored with an essence of lotus and watermelon. The brand is called Pepe Energy. There is going to be a regular and low-carb version.

    I'm starting my distribution through Pollo Tropical and Taco Cabana. I hope everything goes well as this is my first foray into the energy drink market.

    I'm using National Beverage for my bottling and McLane is handling the distribution.
    The Gators are like Monster.
    The Buckeyes are like SumPoosie.
    ...SumPoosie gets stomped every time!!!

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    Interesting concept.

    I'd continue/try to target the Hispanic/Spanish speaking market, there seem to be a lot of specialized drinks with exotic flavors that appeal to Hispanics (Mango, Pineapple, etc.). Might be wise to expand the brand to reflect these tastes. It doesn't seem like the Hispanic market is being aggressively targeted by ED companies given its size.