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ED bottlers are missing the mark

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  • ED bottlers are missing the mark

    I recently visited a local gas station and found this....

    Big Ox :: Canned Oxygen :: Power of Oxygen

    Extremely pricey...

    I haven't heard anything about it on the board here and it's exactly what people are looking for from an energy drink, without the time it takes to kick in or the crash.

    I mean, why spend all the money to add a bunch of ingredients to ED's to counter the different effects of the other ingredients, when you can bottle air? I mean, $10-$14 for a can of air, and you guys might be lucky to get $1-2 for a can of juice.

    Maybe you can come up with, Super enhanced oxygen with caffeine boost. Then you'll get $15-17 per can... I'm a genius

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    They may be onto something... doesn't pure oxygen get you a bit high?


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      More or less, then we can add a little nitrous oxide to make everything funny, what a happy worled we'll live in.


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        Sounds like Perriair has some real competition now, lol.