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Great idea !! Where to start?? Please Help

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  • Great idea !! Where to start?? Please Help

    I have a great idea for a new energy drink but I have no idea where to start , as far as getting a beverage chemist, production , distribution, etc. I have been doing my homework and there alot of one-stop shops that claim they can help me but I have no idea if there legitimate or not. I dont want to lose my heard earned money. Can some one point me into the right direction as far as where to start and any good advice out there for someone like me just starting out in a field where theres so much competion?? Thanks guys

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    mmm, new energy drink you say... whats it called

    and sorry i dont have any info


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      if you "don't want to lose your hard earned money", I recommend you don't get into this business. This is the kind of business where you don't invest what you can't afford to lose. Making the drink is only half the battle. The extremely competitive nature of this business makes it very expensive to stay in business and if all you have is the production budget, you are sure to go out of business.


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        Don't anyone get on the way of your dreams. It may not have worked for Dudeman but that doesn't mean it can't work for you.
        It does take a lot of hard work, mental fortitude, and sacrifice to make a successful drink, but it can be done.
        RB Started out as a dream that came about from drinking some crazy concoction while on holiday. Glaceau started out as SMART water and good marketing.
        Keep forging ahead and check the directory and classifieds to get information on how to get started.
        Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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's working very well for me

          What I'm saying is I don't think an energy drink venture is made for someone who "doesn't want to lose their hard earned money". It's not exactly a "safe" business if that's what you're looking for. Dreams are great and yes they should be pursued. Unfortunately we are no longer in the early Red Bull days. Today, you need a lot of "extra budget" to stay in this game. Startups need to pay for EVERYTHING up front. There's a reason why co-packers and other suppliers only accept upfront payments from "energy drinks & startups". Once the product is made, it costs money to get it on the shelves. Once it's on shelves, it costs money to get it to move off the shelves (in a consumer's hand!). Once you've gone this far, now you need to collect!

          I don't want to sound pessimistic or discouraging, just giving you a realistic idea of what may be ahead.


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            I took him saying that he didn't want to lose his hard earned money by being scammed or taken advantage off, not willing to go out on a limb and take a calculated risk.

            I think that is where we went our seperate ways.
            Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!