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Cola flavored energy drinks?

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  • Cola flavored energy drinks?

    Hey everyone,
    I was just wondering if anybody knew what, if any, cola flavored energy drinks there are out there. I used to love the Rockstar Cola, but that's been discontinued. Thanks in advance for the info!!!
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    UPSHOT Kola shots are good. Just add the little bottle to a Pepsi and its an instant energy drink

    Caffeine in Upshot


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      Celsius has a cola energy drink. They also promote their drink as the only drink that helps your body burn calories. Although, my theory would be as long as you're moving while drinking it, you're burning calories.


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        There's always Jolt, if you can find it. The normal is pretty good, the Cherry Bomb, I think is a good cherry cola. They don't have as much "stuff" in them as some energy drinks, but I noticed the Cherry Bomb I had the other day had like taurine, guarana,ginseng,and a vitamin B complex added. I like both of them better than the Rockstar Cola, which I used to drink a couple of years ago.
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