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  • New Monster flavors

    I just got home from the convenience store and I noticed three new Monster flavors. Two were a monster/coffee mix and the other one was called M-80 Energy juice. Has anyone heard of or tried these?
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    Heard of them, but haven't tried them. Would love to sample either/both of them, though. I'm a big Monster fan.

    How do they both taste?


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      I've had a few of the M-80's, and I'm pretty impressed actually. Much better than most other "Juice" energy drinks, but it's still rather tart.

      I wouldn't be able to stomach a Monster "Kaos" in the morning, but "M-80" goes down much smoother.

      Haven't seen the coffee Monsters yet- I would love to get a couple of them to try.


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        tried all 4

        There are 3 coffee flavors: Black, Mean Bean, and Moca Loca. The M-80 is similar to Khaos but more of a passionfruit-pineapple flavor with a lot of minerality. I really liked it.

        I'm not a huge coffee fan but of the 3 Moca Loca is the best. The cans are really cool for these though. Hope to have reviews and pics up of them soon


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          I really liked Monster M-80, but it's hard to find. There are several stores in my location who have posters up for M-80, but not the actual drink.

          In my opinion, M-80 is one of the best "Juice" energy drinks out there so far. Still too sweet, but not nearly as tart as Khaos and similar drinks.

          Still can't find the three coffee flavors, though. If anyone is willing to send me a can of each, I'd be happy to send them compensation.


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            The Three coffe flavors are actually really good mocha and mean Bean are great Big Black is ok, but its a great product M-80 is also really good i had a chance to try all four items great packege on the coffe.