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    Does anyone know the name of the company who distributes Vitamin Water or Cadbury products in southern Virginia. the so called "white network" distributor there.

    It's not CSBG. already tried them.

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    Depends on what part you're talking about.

    Mostly the territory was old Adamany (RC Chicago) territory. They sold it all off going back a few years. The dividing line is roughly the Southhampton/Isle of Wight county line.

    To the east (including the independent city of Franklin) it is Virginia Beach Beverages, which is actually a subsidiary of the Pepsi bottler in Charlottesville VA.

    To the west it is Canada Dry Honickman, part of his Springfield VA operations.

    Further west it would eventually be CSBG, and north of that you've got Dr Pepper of Staunton VA (Halmor Corp), who acquired rights to quite a few brands when Blue Ridge Beverages shedded their nonalcoholic portfolio (interestingly enough, including Sierra Mist, because Pepsi still carried 7Up. The two recently switched, though).

    I can't say with 100% authority what brands they all carry, but they are the 3rd tiers in those areas.


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      What is this "white network"?


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        We are known as Virginia Beach Beverages.


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          The "white network" is the name commonly given to independant distributors outside the Pepsi (Blue network) or Coke (Red network) systems.