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  • 24/7 energy

    has any one tried 24/7 energy drink?

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    I picked up 2 of them today. 1 Sugar free for myself and 1 original for my co worker. 2 for 2 dollars this week at Walgreens here in my area. Will let you know what I think of them later this evening. They had like 4 or 5 flavors to choose from. Looks to be a budget brand but that is not a bad thing. Rip it citrus X is my favorite energy drink and I get it for 99 cents.


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      Wow! The Lemon-Lime was really good. I haven't tried the Cherry Berry yet, but I'm looking forward to it. My Walgreens had 4 flavors.


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        Went back to Walgreens and got the Cherry Berry and original. Lemon Lime is still my favorite, but the original tastes better than Monster in my opinion. The Cherry Berry is pretty good too, but it ranks third on my list. I'm not a big fan of sugar free in general, so I didn't buy that one.


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          Anybody take a look @ the ingredients. It's listed as water, carbon dioxide. Would that be any different than just carbonated water?

          I didn't care for them. I've tried the lemon-lime and the cherry berry. The green one didn't have a flavor listed on it. Also, it didn't have the B vitamins that the red and lemon-lime ones had.


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            sugar free no good

            Tried the sugar free version. It's a poor man's Monster Lo Carb. Not sure if I will try the others


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              Calling the sugar free version a poor man's Monster Low-Carb is an understatement. There is some strange, bitter, underlying taste to it. IMO just bad, a dollar wasted!