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  • Nuspeed hardcore energy

    Anyone tried yet? Picked up a bottle yesterday but have not had the occasion to try it yet. It's an extreme type energy drink along the lines of Redline or Spike shooter(not for just everyday sipping lol). The bottle is mega cool aluminum lime green color 16oz and I paid the same price as redline was at the same store 3$ and some change. Watermelon is the only flavor I have seen. I could not find a review on any of the usual sites. I love Spike shooter and it's the tops on my list for extreme energy drinks at the moment. I still have not seen any Redline xtreme yet so I'm holding judgement since it might be the winner once I get a chance to try it. I will tell you this Nuspeed is the best packaging I have seen in a drink so far. It's color and look just made me want to buy it really bad.

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    Can you list the ingredients indicated on the bottle.


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      Take a photograph and post it here!


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        I took some photos but theses were better. Article on
        Aluminum Now Online Good article on bottles

        NUSPEED energy matrix 1095mg =
        Taurine, Caffeine anhydrous, Betaine anhydrous, N-Acetyl-LTyrosine, Green Tea extract, EGCG Evodiamine(evodiarutaecarpa) (herb),Norsynephrine, Octopamine HCI, Quercetin, Yohimbine HCI.

        Supposed to be the "best Tasting energy drink"

        Nutricor Labs


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          Awful after taste.

          Ok even for an extreme ED this is just awful. I could hardly drink half of it and I dumped the rest out. Had a great initial kick like a Redline but did not not last through a 5 mile run. 4 oz of Spike shooter powers me through a run like that and Redline comes close. Both of those taste way way better though. I had to eat something between drinks of the Nuspeed just so I did not gag. The watermelon starts off real good. Someone should try this flavor with a drink that does not gag you though.