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Monster-Free or $14 a case

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    Monster is fairly cheap @ BJ's wholesale, I think $9.99 for 12 cans? Also, Wallyworld had those 8pks for pretty cheap as well (Baltimore-area c-store chain Royal Farms has them now).


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      Anyone know if BJ's has Monster Lo-carb? I have one close and it would be worth the warehouse fee if I could get it for ~$1 a can. I'm trying to wean myself off the sugar.


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        Monster Mash sounds good to me. JD and Monster!!


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          Actually, BJ's is like $12.99 or $13.99 for a 12 pack - I was wrong. Still really cheap, though.

          They just had regular Monster, no lo-carb.

          BJ's is cool - you can just walk in and look around. Costco and Sam's Club have people at the door checking for membership IDs.

          You can also print a one day pass coupon from their website.

          Join the Club - BJ's Wholesale Club

          Cost + 15% if you buy anything with the pass that day.


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            monster in Fla

            I had heard that Bud was not doing that well in Fla except Walmart.


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              Thats why Bud is giving so much product away to the bars trying to get distribution here in FL. A couple of accounts are biting but over all from what i see and hear is that the accounts are not selling the free cases and just drinking it. There is a cheap energy drink called shockwave that i am seeing only in the college bars going for 3.7 cents an ounce. Even the bars say its the worst drink they ever tasted but being so cheap college kids dont care. I am also seeing a lot of the energy drink in a keg Bounce in many bars in Orlando. I asked my distributor friend and was told over 150 bars have this.