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    Just picked up a can. It has the same can design as khaos/m-80, but with a purple M and lettering. It has 30% juice, and it contains red grape juice. On the back it says that it has an indescribable flavor and that if you don't like it, you can get a refund. I haven't opened it yet. Has anyone else found some or tried it?

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    I have yet to see it release in my area of Charlotte. If I see one, it'll be my first to buy.

    Most of the stations within walking distance are all privately owned these days, and I have a hard enough time trying to talk the guys into stocking more variations of Monster products. If there are more specific recommendations or descriptions of the taste, these would be most appreciated.

    *been off BevNet for a little while...
    Spartan Dan


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      Whats the name of the drink? If possible take a picture.


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        The name is, as the title suggests, Mixxd.

        Here's a pic.
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          i thought it tasted pretty good. it was dark red in color. it ha d a fruit punch/grape sort of taste, with an almost spicy aftertaste. I liked it better than any other flavor of monster.


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            Looks awsome! I still haven't seen it in my area. I can't wait.


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              I just tried it this morning. To me it's definately better than Khaos and M-80. The juice is a mix of apple and grape (not cough syrup grape but real grapes). I think it's a really good morning drink. I would rank it about #2 or #3 of all monsters, right behind Assault and Original.


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                Just found a can of this at a local gas station. Tight looking can as usual from Monster, but the drink itself was not as amazing as I expected. Not as good as M-80, but still not a big dissapointment. Give it a try if you get to see it.