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  • iPwnd
    1.Jolt Blue
    2.Vitamin Energy
    3. Nos
    4.Monster Mixxd
    5.Full Throttle Blue Demon
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  • BluejacketT
    1. Coolah Energy Drink
    2. Full Throttle Blue Demon
    3. Sobe No Fear
    4. Rip It Citrus X
    5. Rip It Atomic Pom

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  • scum1

    This would be too difficult for me really.

    I'll give it a shot

    For kick I'll go with Redline apple, Spike Shooter, Fixx
    for taste I'll go with Hype original ,Euphoric watermelon Kiwi, and Crazyhorse

    I know that is six but that is my current choices which are subject to change on a daily basis!

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  • Nick Laugher
    1. Hype Classic
    2. Monster Reduced Carb
    3. Hype MFP
    4. Beaver Buzz: Big Buzz
    5. Xyience BluePom

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  • greg
    I have to ask, Are these based on solid numbers or are you asking for "opinions"?
    You list the several names that appear to be nominated by the sales numbers, however, IMO taste, cost, and efficacy should be taken into account.
    I ask this because, as far as taste and efficacy go I can get a better taste out of regular Mountain Dew and a better efficaly out of a dose of Sudafed Daytime formula than I can from a can of AMP.

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