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do energy drinks cause heart problems?

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    They don't bother my pacemaker.


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      My name is Jazzy, im 16, and im a sophomore. I've been drinking monster since i was in the 7 or 8th grade, and ive had reall bad chest pains since 8th grade. I didnt think anything about it, because i thought it might have been growing pains, or something along the lines of it.

      About a week ago, my chest pains got worse, and they've been happening non stop for no reason. I havent drank a monster in over 4 months, so i do not know what it causing my chest pains. Two of my moms friends have had to have heart surgery because their hearts werent pumping blood correctly. the doctor said it was the damage from an ingredient in the monster energy drinks. I have been drinking monsters longer than my moms friends, and i dont know what i should do. Every time i ask my mom to schedule an app., she says im fine. Any advice on what these chest pains chould be? It it serious/ or fatal?