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    I am starting a website that sells a variety pack of energy drinks. Currently, I only offer 6 different types of energy drinks in a pack. Eventually, I would like to let users select from a few different energy drinks and create their own energy drink pack. (with 6-12 different drinks) My website is targeted towards people that collect energy drinks or want to try out some new energy drinks, but don't necessarily want to buy a 24 pack online. I try to find energy drinks that are not commonly available in the stores. Does anyone have any suggestions for cool, unique or rare energy drinks that they would like to see available online? These are the energy drinks I currently offer:
    • OSO Next Level Energy
    • Liquid Lightning
    • Silverback Extreme
    • Brazilian Guarana
    • Pimp Juice
    • Vegas Fuel

    Also, does anyone know of a similar website out there? I am an energy drink collector, and I have always thought it would be cool to be able to find individual energy drinks that were readily available online. The only websites that I know about have a limited selection and don't specialize in energy drinks.

    I am very open to suggestions. You can check out my website: Energy Drink Source.

    Thank you for your input!