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Do energy drinks make you jittery

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  • Do energy drinks make you jittery

    I drink coffee every morning and I dont get the ``jitters`` from it but when I drink certain energy drinks, my hands get cold, start shaking and I feel nervous. I wonder why is that...It`s not like i`m caffeine intolerant! The only energy drink that, for some reason, doesn`t make me jittery but just gives a gradual boost, is GURU energy drink. Is there anyone else out there that can drink coffe but can`t drink some energy drinks

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    I tried a GURU once. I didn't get the jitters, or any energy for that matter...but my cough went away.
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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      It's the sugar that makes you jittery, not the caffeine. Most coffee drinkers don't spike their java with 12 tablespoons of sugar...


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        of course!

        You're probably right tnt-tek! I drink my coffee black with one teaspoon of sugar and my favorite GURU is the Lite one, which, I believe, contains no sugar


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          Energy drinks don't make me jittery, but they sure keep me up forever. I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine, so have to be careful about what part of the day I'm partaking of a beverage