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What should I sample next???

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  • What should I sample next???

    I have REALLY gotten into sampling energy drinks, and I have sampled most of the popular ones:
    Red Bull (reg & SF)
    Monster (reg, Lo-Carb, Java, Khaos, Assault)
    Amp (reg)
    Vault (citrus)
    RockStar (reg, and Low Carb)

    I really dont realy know what to try next since there are 350+ energy drinks out there, plus I am limited in my area to only like 75 of 'em.


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    Try the Neuro Drinks

    You can try the Neuro Drinks. They have two "energy" styled drinks (Neurogasm and Neurosonic). One drink that mellows you (Neurobliss) out and one thats supposed to help you sleep (Neurosleep).
    You can order them at NeuroBrands Neuro Drinks: Neuro Trim Bliss Gasm Sleep Sonic Sporti Aqua Energy
    If you are in southern california they are in stores, find a list of available stores at Neuro Blog


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      I saw those drinks... Those look VERY impressive. I will try them, as I have them in the mail.


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        Here's my master list of drinks to try:

        Jolt (all kinds, I think there are 7)
        Full Throttle (all kinds)
        Venom (all 4 kinds)
        SoBe (definitely Adrenaline Rush reg + SF but also their juice/tea line in the glass bottles might not be a bad choice)
        AMP (all kinds, I think there's about 8 but about 10 if you include the shots)
        Crunk (all 4 kinds)
        24:7 Energy (from Walgreens; these are lower-quality but still trying a lot is better than trying a little)
        Cocaine (both regular and burn-free)
        Hype (all kinds)
        Bawls (all kinds)
        Rockstar (there are probably 10 different kinds including the shots and their new Punched bottles, Guava>Mango any day)
        XS (all kinds, there are a lot)
        Xyience (all kinds)
        Hydrive (all kinds)
        Bad Boy (both kinds)
        Bad Girl (both kinds)
        Hansen's (not Monster which is made by Hansen's, it specifically says "Hansen's" right on the can and there are a bunch of these if you can find them; I've checked out over 100 places and only found some of these at 1 so far)
        Savage (both kinds)

        Also if I said "all kinds" or "both kinds" that includes any low-carb or low-sugar versions if those lines have such a version.
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          I tried everything that BigBird has tried but the one energy drink that tastes really good is efusjon "RAW" and efusjon "EDGE" these are new energy drinks that came out just recently.
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            Sorry but efusion

            In not very good. Even for an MLM product it is not very good.


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              efusjon is doing very well were already the 10 energy drink in the U.S as far as it being an MLM efusjon is the fastest growing company in U.S history with over 600+ members a day. Like red bull and other energy drinks they don't pay you to refer others to drink their products efusjon does. Our proudct is a very healthy energy drink with the Acai Berry

              Plus efusjon has done what no other company has done we have partnered up with facebook to so the opportunity will be exposed to over 220 million people this JULY 4tH
              Im not here to promote my business Im here to talk about energy drinks and how our product is better than the other energy drinks that are bad for you.

              Im here to share the product not promote or recruit!


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                You could always try some headshot energy shots. I hear they are on sale CHEAP!!! They MAY even ship them to you, heh heh
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                  I agree with SCUM1, eFusjon was not the best tasting, even for an MLM energy drink.

                  The NEURO drinks look like they are worth trying.

                  Plus there are way more than 350 energy drinks out there. Everyone has there own favorites so just keep trying the ones you can get your hands on.