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    Okay so two new flavors of Venom Energy showed up in VT today: Killer Taipan (Mango) and Death Adder (Fruit Punch).

    So I picked up the Mango flavored one. It tastes pretty good except that there's something that's freaking me out: it tastes kinda like salsa. Not like mango salsa, but like the salsa that you get at Chili's. Anyone else try this and have a similar experience?

    Anyone tried the Fruit Punch flavor yet?

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    i have, and they're all right


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      Salsa? Wow; either Venom's QC is horrible or you've been having some weird salsa.

      Honestly, though, Venom KiT isn't like salsa at all (at least from my experiences with salsa). Maybe you've had some different kind of recipes of salsa from what I've had but I definitely wouldn't say that Venom and salsa taste alike.

      However, I can make a recommendation regarding Venom KiT: I find that Venom KiT goes well with Full Throttle Fury; in fact, get both and mix together for one of the best tasting and best kicking EDs you've ever had. Just don't do that on a road trip, it makes you go a lot!
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