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Rockstar cola is back!

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  • Rockstar cola is back!

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    Due out in Jan '10.

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    Cool, this was one of the few energy drinks I've cared for. I wonder how much they changed the formula for it, the graphics are certainly different, I'm sure I would not have noticed it in a Black can.
    Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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      I'm dying here

      How am I ever going to catch up on my reviews if new stuff keeps coming out so quickly. I got a lot of drinks backlogged but I try to do the newest first. I'll be looking for this one.


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        They're relaunching Rockstar Cola? I must say I wasn't expecting that.

        Hopefully they've just completely redone the drink, I wasn't exact the most enthusiastic fan of the original. I hope the new one has a new flavor to it and also a new set of ingredients so hopefully it doesn't fall into the standard cola category like Red Bull Simply Cola (or SiC as my friends say). Rockstar has gotten rather boring and expectable with their ingredients that they've been putting in lately but I must say their 22oz bottles were (and still are) very popular up here in the northeast so hopefully they'll do something interesting with the size/packaging for this new release.
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          The Cola is completely different than RED BULL COLA in that is has functional ingredients including vitamins and caffeine. It is an ENERGY COLA. The can is also pretty unique..ALL BLACKED OUT (even the top) and textured with a MATT finish..unlike anything out there. Launches in Jan. Hope you enjoy it!


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            Hey Red Sox Fan, what's a MATT finish? It looks good from the pic posted.


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              I think he meant matte which is not glossy. Even the top is black! thats pretty different. I think it is time for a real energy cola. I know some smaller companies make them but they are not easy to find. I like the RB cola but it is not an energy cola it is just a natural cola. Whats next ? Rockstar 21?


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                All I want to know is why didn't I get invited to the Rockstar party this year at the NACS????
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