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i need some help :/

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  • i need some help :/

    ive been drinking energy drinks since my mom started letting me.
    i have 2+ every day. im kind of addicted.
    its allways been my dream to make my own energy drink and now im trying.
    me and my friend, who is also sponsoring my project, are attempting to make a hemp infused energy drink. jack herer has already created one called hemp 420, but has no competition.

    i want to call it herb energy.
    and i want it to have a strong amount of ginko,
    and some healthy ingrediants.

    can any one give me some links to places that assist in the manufactoring of enegy drinks?
    i have the money to do it. i just need help.
    please also leave feedback and ideas.

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    Personally, Why do you thing Hemp 420 has no competititon????? Most likely becasue there is no market for it.
    How much money do you want to sink inot a project with such a niche market to begin with?
    You then say you want to create a drink that has potential negative connotations( Hemp infused, Herb Energy) with a counter culure name but then make sure you have "healthy ingredients". Just doesnt sound right to me.

    There are many manufacturers that will make your drink for you if you have the money. However, a lot of guys think that just because they have the money to have the drink made that they will be able to make money off it.
    You need to make sure you have labeling guidelines, (FDA Required) Ingredient panels, certified ingredients, packaging, marketing, storage, shipping, and more in line before you sell your first can. Then the hard work really starts.
    I'm not saying it can't be done, even the mightiest oak tree in the forest began as a simple acorn.......You just need to be prepared.

    Check this site in the classifieds. That would be your first start.
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!