Hi All,

We've just published a short news item on an attempt by certain attorneys general in the United States to force the FDA to ban sales of alcoholic energy drinks (caffeinated or similarly stimulant-enhanced alcoholic drinks).

See the article here:

NarcoTrends: US to ban alcoholic energy drinks?

We would be interested to add some more detail to this article by getting the opinions of some of you who work in the beverage industry.

What do you think about this petition to the FDA?

Is the industry bothered by such attempts?

What chance does it have of succeeding?

How much influence does the 'Youth Access to Alcohol Committee' of the National Association of Attorneys General have?

If anybody would like to provide an 'on the record' response for our site on behalf of their company, so much the better - please email us directly. Otherwise, we'd just like to gauge the informal industry reaction to this.

Many Thanks,
The NarcoTrends Team