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  • Swede needs help

    EDIT: This might have been better to be posted in "Product Location". I wasn't sure since my question is so broad instead of just one beverage. If someone would like to move this thread, please feel free to do so.

    Hi guys.

    I'm wondering if someone could help me out. I'm planning on going to the USA later in the spring and I have some ED related questions. I'm either going to New York or Chicago since I have friends in these cities that I can stay with.

    What I'm wondering is if anyone has any suggestions on which of these cities would be better if I'm looking for a large selection of ED's. I'm also wondering if anyone could recomend a store within the city that has a large selection of ED's.

    My decision will of course not be to go to the city with the largest selection only because of the ED's since there are other factors that also determines where to go. But since I'm a collector it would be fun to know.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Go for Chicago. The Midwest part of the US has a greater ED selection. The New Yorkers just love their coffee too much...


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      If you go to Chicago, one of the best locations to buy EDs would be at Speedway SuperAmerica Stores. They are all over the area. Speedway SuperAmerica: Home Page


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        the corporate stores is a place where you will find everything mainstream. Speedways are in the middle of their 2010 sets right now and it is just the big boys in the set. Small start up companies have very very difficult time being slotted into corp stores. it is the independants where i would check. The larger ones (#of doors) usually will have 2 doors dedicated to energy with 1 maybe 2 shelves having some obscure product that was sold on a buy one get one deal. however with these stores having less disposable income to work with 1. economy 2. so many customers pay at the pump especially this time of year, many stores/owners will pass on these deals/risks. Now adays you see less and less new energy drinks via third party/junk vendor as the market is more competitive than ever.