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  • The first energy shot powder

    So I came across a product called Everyday Energy Shots, and they are calling their product 'the first energy shot powder'. Their main sales point is that the product lets you buy 60 shots at a time (in powder form) and then you can mix it yourself in the reusable shot bottle and even mix it with other liquids to control taste. This bulk form makes it a lot cheaper and they say their product is made for regular energy drink users.

    What does everyone think about this idea? Is it something you would try and does the product benefits make sense?

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    At $45 per bottle you are losing the main demographic for this product. Energy Shots are grab and go items. The majority of Energy shots are bought at the counter in C-Stores, Drug Stores, and mass market accounts. The only place in the store ( mass) that you could put this product is in the sports nutrition/ diet and vitamin aisle. And even then you are priced way out of the comfort zone for purchase in the FDM Market. Thereby leaving yourself the ability to get that price point in the dedicated Supplement/ Sports Nutrition stores.
    Also, being that the tub of powder is just that, a tub, it would only make sense to leave it in one location. Thereby limiting its use. i.e. at your desk at work or on your counter at home. I am sure Energy shot users use Energy Shots more than just to get through the day. Some may take it in the morning as well on their way into work, on the weekend, while travelling, etc.
    Do I even need to mention that the convenience factor is now taken out of the equation?
    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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      Greg, excellent post.
      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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        $45 per bottle is definitely an intimidating price. But if you consider that there's 60 shots, the price is actually very low per shot. So it wouldn't make sense for someone who just needs one a month or something. For people who use them all the time though, it's actually a money saver.

        I think there's different kinds of convenience too. On one hand, there's the convenience of going into a store and getting a single shot real quick for pulling an all nighter. On the other hand, there's the ability to leave the tub at your desk at work and just come in everyday and make one right there without having to run to pick something up. I think it just depends on the intended usage.


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          I got the chance to review this on my website and the taste needs some work.


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            Everyday Energy Shots Powder

            Hi - I hope this post reaches all of the people who posted a while back on Everyday Energy Shots. Great info in all posts! Greg brought up some great points, but have you checked out the company lately? They have a totally redesigned product and it is awesome. Better taste, more effective, healthier, more convenient b/c of the new packaging (in stick packs). Lower price point (under $20), environmentally friendly (shot bottle is reuseable). You guys should check out their new website. They are under new ownership and I hear they are also in the works in developing new packaging, different flavors and could be on store shelves soon. I totally think there is a market for energy shots in powder form. Think of all the possibilities you can mix it with.. Let me know what you think.