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Why no sports drinks with caffeine in the US?

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  • Why no sports drinks with caffeine in the US?

    Other markets (Australia and NZ) have caffeinated sports drinks (Powerade), why are there no major brands doing this in the US? Yes there are a few energy drinks that have an athlete twist but........?

    -caffeine is accepted by endurance athletes and a few brands (GU, Cytomax, Hammer) put low doses of caffeine in gels and granulated drinks

    Maybe there is an opportunity for someone?

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    Powerade tried and failed. Twice.

    Raize and Psych
    Advance Berry and Cherry-Lime.


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      I think that Gatorade and to some extent Powerade have done a great job of making sports drinks rehydration products. Therefore, most end users buy that product for just that reason only.
      Furthermore, because we have been conditioned to sports drinks being rehydrators we have no problem buying them for our children before a baseball game, basketball game, softball game, etc, etc. Therefore another reason why a caffeinated version would sell well.

      And a little lessor known fact is that caffeine depletes the body of water.It actually dehydrates you and ultimate athletes would most likely know this and use a glucose replacement product in place of caffeine.
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