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  • New from Monster / Coca-Cola

    Monster and Coca-Cola recently signed a huge agreement. Coke will transfer its' energy brands to Monster - NOS, Full Throttle, Burn, Relentless, etc, and Monster will transfer its' non-energy brands to Coke - Hansen's, Hubert's, Peace Tea, etc.

    Coke will also take on more distribution of Monster, including additional territory in the US and around the world. They will also be taking a 16.7% ownership stake in Monster.

    New flavors coming out soon in the US:

    Ultra Sunrise - a zero calorie "Orangina" type flavor. Comparisons being made to Mountain Dew Kickstart in targeting morning drinkers. November release.
    Unleaded - a regular Monster energy without the caffeine. October release.
    Ultra Black - exclusive to 7-11, it is a black cherry flavor. Supposed to be coming out this week.
    Muscle Peanut Butter Cup - now available nationwide in singles. Was originally sold only at Walmart in 4 packs.
    Juice Monster / Khaos - full can is now orange. Article mentions reformulation, less juice to make the product more drinkable.
    M-80/Ripper - supposedly a name change and also less juice. I haven't seen M-80 in a long, long time. I guess it is coming back?

    Not mentioned was Cuba Lima - I hear that may also be coming back via distribution by Coke. This new deal probably cemented that - Cuba Lima came from food distributors around here when we had it in Wawa. It disappeared a while ago.

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    The Dub drinks were also rebranded earlier this year - they are now Punch. Mad Dog (grape) and Baller's Blend (fruit punch).


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      Ultra Sunrise and Unleaded seem interesting.


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        Already Released.

        All three of these flavors have been released. They arrived at my local Walmart at least a week ago. I know for a fact, I was excited and tried all of them


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          Some areas are still serviced by independent and AB distributors who have different release timetables. I expect to start seeing Ultra Sunrise and Unleaded next week.

          Ubermonster is also being transitioned from a 16.9 ounce glass bottle to a 18.6 can, similar to that of Monster Import.


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            Anyone seen M-80/Ripper? I haven't heard if we were going to be carrying it again or not.


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              Originally posted by fusion View Post
              Anyone seen M-80/Ripper? I haven't heard if we were going to be carrying it again or not.
              Nowhere yet.


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                We are carrying Ripper, but it seems like only in Wawa.

                New this week are Rehab Peach Tea (replacing Green Tea) and Ultra Citron (lemonade flavor).

                Ultra Sunrise also in 4 packs.


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                  Most of the distribution on Monster has been converted over to Coke distributors. Only a few independents will still carry it, like Kalil in Arizona/West Texas and Big Geyser in NYC metro. I think they are holding off on any new flavors until we are fully up and running with the expanded distribution.

                  Ripper is also in more accounts, like Walmart.