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Big Lots March 2015

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  • Big Lots March 2015

    I was in a hurry, so I didn't have time to take pictures or get a good idea of what they had.

    16oz Arizona Arnold Palmer energy. Like Rehab, I guess.
    Lots of Monster Ubermonster glass (a fermented energy) and also regular Monster in the same widemouth glass bottle.
    Peace Tea growlers (64oz jugs). They were at Walmart for a while, but never did that well. Coke was supposed to distribute them, but that never happened.
    Lots of Honest lemonades that were at Whole Foods last summer. They were only $1. A great deal. And they taste really good.

    Someone told me they found the 10 pack 8 ounce mini-Monsters at Big Lots, but I didn't see any at the one here.

    Will try to go back and get some pictures and a better inventory on what they have.