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Caffrey's Irish Ale in Canada?

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  • Caffrey's Irish Ale in Canada?

    Caffrey's Irish Ale is no longer being imported to the USA.

    Rumor has it that Coors bought the Thomas Caffrey Brewing Company and is keeping it out because it was cutting into their Killian Red sales. I have not been able to verify this, but rest assured, it is banned from the US.

    To our Canadian members: is Caffrey's available up north?

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    I drank it in Toronto on tap in a pub a two weeks ago.
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      coors' didn't buy it. even if they did, they'd still keep it around because that stuff wouldn't hurt killian's sales in the least.

      caffrey's is a high end brew, killian's is the national leader and standard when it comes to a red ale.

      what hurts caffreys is the fact that it tastes like crap and only comes in the widget can. sorry but those things are stupid.
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