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  • Pibb in Northern VA

    I am heading down to northern Virginia and D.C. in a few weeks, and wanted to pick up some Pibb while I am down there. Is it widely available there?

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    Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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      It should be. NoVA is CCE Mid-Atlantic, and they distribute Pibb. I can definately say you will find it on your trip down to that area. Once you pass the state line from Delaware to Maryland on I-95, you're in CCE territory (and in the sales territory I work in). There are plenty of grocery stores along the Interstate.

      Klein's and Mars in Aberdeen. (exit #85)
      Klein's in Riverside. (exit #80)
      Food Lion in Northeast. (exit #100)

      I routinely service the first three stores,and they usually have fridgepacks on sale all the time, either $3/10 or $2.99. I can't really say anything about the fourth store.

      If you stop at either of the Klein's locations (preferrably Riverside), you'll see some interesting stuff from Canada Dry as well. Welch's Peach, and so on.


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        It's available in Northern VA in Fridge Packs only. If you come up my way into Central Coke territory, we got some 2L's of it.