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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites or distributors where I could purchase Caffeine Free Mt Dew, and have it shipped to me? I live in MD, and I know it's sold in southern VA and PA, but both are a little too far of a drive to just go get some.


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    I don't know if this will be of any help, but all Mountain Dew sold in Canada is caffeine free.


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      Thank you. Actually I knew that, but I haven't had any luck finding a Canadian distributor either. I spoke with a Pepsi rep, and she told me that Caffeine Free Mt. Dew isn???????„?t an official Pepsi product, but rather it???????„?s a recipe created by independent bottlers, and sold only in their local areas. It???????„?s the same in Canada; except I believe I heard their government said only Caffeine Free could be bottled up there. Something about there being too much caffeine in it, and it wasn???????„?t healthy.


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        It's illegal to add caffeine in beverages in Canada, except for colas (up to 36 mg for 12 oz).


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          Here is the link to the Quebec-based Pepsi bottler. It's in French though, but I guess phone numbers are international [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            most pepsi bottlers carry caffeine free mountain dew. you need to ask your local pepsi bottler/sales office if they have it, and if so, where they sell it.

            just do a yellow pages search online for pepsi and your town
            woot woot


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              Where in MD? PBG here in Cumberland carries CF Mountain Dew, as does RC WInchester where they have Dew. You could go to say Loudoun County, VA and find it easily.


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                CF Dew is also in the Lancaster, PA area.


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                  Caffeine Free Mountain Dew can readily be found in 12 packs throughout Kansas and Nebraska. I had no problems finding it on a recent road trip. Stores that carried it: Dillon's in Topeka, KS, Country Marts all throughout northern Kansas, and Baker's and Hy-Vee stores in Lincoln and Omaha, NE all carry it.


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                    Anyone find it anywhere in Delaware of near Dover, Delaware? I live in Harrington, Delaware...

                    I wish they would create Splenda Version of Mountain Dew as Diet Mountain Dew does NOT taste as good as Regular.

                    Oh yes can you find it for sale ONLINE anywhere?

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                      Harrington is home to Pepsi Salisbury (which is a family business that was actually just sold to Pepsi Bottling Ventures). They don't have CF Dew at all.

                      North of the canal (where I live), Pepsi is PBG-Wilmington. They don't have it, either. to the west is PBG-Baltimore, they don't have it. to the north and east is Pepsi Pennsauken, and they don't have it. The only close option is PBG-Lancaster. They do have it, at least they did the last time I was up that way.

                      You could make a day out of it, if you have any friends or family who like outlet mall shopping.

                      Take 1 north to 95 north to 141 north, to 41 north. That will get you to US 30 (in Gap, PA). Take this west. The outlet malls will be all around you in about 10-15 miles.

                      If you continue on 30, the road will split off to the right, and if you go straight on 462, you will see a Super Wal-Mart on your left. There is also a soda/liquor store on that same side, although their selection seems to dwindle every time I go there (maybe every few months or so).

                      It's a good 2 hour drive. 30 and 41 pass through a lot of older Pennsylvania towns, and you'll probably see a fair amount of Amish.


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                        Anybody seen Caffeine-free Mt. Dew anywhere near Louisiana?


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                          can u order cf mountain dew online?