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Mountain Dew "Clash"

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  • Mountain Dew "Clash"

    This product is on the verge of being pronounced fake, or at least lied about being in the test market, IF you ahve seen this drink anywhere, which is a blue mountain dew, PLEASE report it here.

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    IT DOES NOT EXIST!! Please give up. IT DOES NOT EXIST!!! How many more f'ing Mtn Dew threads do we need????
    Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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      give up on what? im trying to prove it doesnt exist, not prove it does.


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        you are idiots

        As I have stated, you are idiots. Primarily because the product Mountain Dew Clash is not fake. It was never released on the market, that is true. But it is in no way a myth nor is it an online hoax. I have personally drank Mountain Dew Clash and can testify that it bears a striking resemblance to Mountain Dew Revolution. And for all of you who are likely to respond to this post with accusations that I am a liar, I am not. But you are an idiot.