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  • Tech_Guy
    started a topic Newport News, VA

    Newport News, VA

    I will be taking a trip this weekend to Newport News, VA. I will be utilizing the US 17 Corridor for most of the trip. Are there any 'hard to find' Coca-Cola products that I can hunt for?

    By 'hard to find', I mean:

    Pibb Zero
    Fanta Apple
    Fanta Peach
    Fanta Black Cherry
    Fanta Pineapple
    Fanta Birch Beer (does Coca-Cola actually produce non-fountain versions of this?)
    Pibb Xtra
    Diet Mello Yello

    If there is something unique I should be looking for as well (like Faygo Diet Chocolate Cream/Pie), let me know. Thanks for any insight!

  • fusion
    You will find Pibb Xtra, since Pepsi has Dr Pepper.

    Don't drink any Pepsi products produced down there - their quality control stinks.

    If you go a little further to the east, you'll be in Northern Neck Coke's territory.

    I usually take 360 up from Richmond, and then go east over the Rappahannock river in Tappahannock.

    That will put you in Warsaw. Make a left on Business 3, and then left onto 3 west, and the Buy Rite will be on your left. Pretty interesting store.

    It's always an easy place to find West Jefferson longnecks. I've never really been further south on 17 than Tappahannock to see what's down there, but the distributor in that area is H&H in Warner..

    You will not find anything else on your list, except possibly Fanta Pineapple, but only in 20oz, and possibly 2L.

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