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  • Looking for Nehi

    I own a catering company and am tryign to locate glass bottled grape, orange and peach nehi in quantity as well as glass RC cola. I am in the northern metro atlanta, georgia aree but am not afraid of traveling to surrounidng states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama) If need be. I need wholesale from a bottler or distributor (not $40 a case on line) I thank you for any helo locating sources.

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    Here's some contact info for you - West Jefferson Dr Pepper


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      If you are willing to travel to North Carolina then head right to the source, West Jefferson Dr Pepper Bottling in the upper northwest part of NC. You can buy Nehi and RC plus other glass bottled sodas from the bottling plant. You may want to find the phone number and call for hours. Yahoo yellow pages lists 3 phone numbers.
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