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squirt in PA/NJ?

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  • squirt in PA/NJ?

    someone i know is looking for a place to get squirt in new jersey or eastern PA. the only place i remember seeing it in this area is in a mexican grocery store. of course i see it many places in the midwest, south and even northwest now. does anyone know the closest place to NJ to get cases of it?
    i know there was a post on this years back, but i'm looking for more up to date info. has anyone seen it in a shoprite or wegman's recently?

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    Closest I can reliably do for you is Harford County, Maryland. Canada Dry distributorships in Northern NJ, Southern NJ, Northern Delaware/Eastern MD don't carry it. Not sure about Davis Beverages out of Allentown (they are as far down as Harrisburg, and come as far east as Chester County -- I think they stop at Oxford PA, though). I am sure they at least used to carry it, but I have not been in their territory in a while, so I cannot confirm if they still do. I used to go to the Parkesburg (West Sadsbury Twp) Walmart on Route 30 until they opened a supercenter in Oxford (where I go to get my sucrose Coke if I can find it buried among all the hfcs stuff).

    If you are willing to make the drive to Harford County, here is my best advice:

    Go to the Mars Supermarket in Aberdeen. It is the easiest to get to off the highway, and is not super busy, so it is always in stock. They still sell 20oz 6pks in all the DPS flavors, which were just on sale (ended Tuesday) for 5/$11. I grabbed a 6pk for myself last night. They only carry it in 6 pack 20oz.

    It's right off of 95 south, exit #85. Go east on 22, you will see the store on the right side in a shopping center. The Shoprite across the street will not have it. When they switched from being independent to Shoprite, they got rid of 6pk 20oz.

    The drawbacks - $4 toll each way at MD/DE line, which you can bypass, and an $8 one-way toll at the Susquehanna River, which you could bypass, but it would put you in rural Harford and Cecil County and then to Chester County... you would take US Route 1. I-95 and US 40 both have a toll to cross the river going northbound/eastbound.

    Other option is Pepsi Bottling Ventures out of Harrington DE. They come as far north as Smyrna DE. They do 12 packs and 2 liters. I assume they are still doing it, I have not been in their territory in a long time. They also carry Cheerwine.

    I usually just drive down DE Route 1 to Dover to the Walmart Supercenter there, or further down to Camden to their Supercenter. There are tolls, but not as high. There are two mainline tolls that are $1 each way, which goes to $2 each way on the weekends (Friday 7pm-Sunday 11pm). Exit tolls in between are 50 cents, and do not increase on the weekends. So you could pay $1.50 to go each way between I-95 and the Dover store, or $2 each way to Camden. Both stores are on 13, which is the "old" north-south route before Route 1 was completed. It is also toll-less, but takes longer due to reduced speeds and traffic lights.

    To get to the Dover store, 95 to DE Route 1 south. Take exit #104 (North Dover). This will put you on Scarborough Road. When you get to 13, go right (north). The store is up a little bit on the right side. Also, across the street is a Redner's.

    For Camden, take exit 97. This is a pretty long exit ramp, well, more like a road. It's called the Puncheon Run Connector - it connects 1 to 13. Anyway, it will eventually dump you out onto 13 at a traffic light. Make a left (south), follow for a bit, Walmart is on the right. There is also a Safeway and a Target if you would take 13 north to the 13/113 merge, but I think you will get better pricing at Walmart. There is also an Acme right in front of Dover Downs/Dover International Speedway, and an Acme in Smyrna.

    That should about cover it. If you need any more info, just ask.


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      Wegmans and others have 2 liter bottles of Squirt in the Scranton/Wilkes Barre area.
      Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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        Thanks all for the info.
        Fusion, I thought you might have some info. . .Your response was very impressive and helpful.
        I've passed the info on to my friends