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  • Creative concepts of america - red bull vending machines

    Well some of you might know that Creative Concepts of America is no longer in business and they stole a lot of money from a lot of people.

    Unfortunately I was one of them, but my plan is to go after Red Bull because they should share some of the responsibility for this scam, so if any of you reading this e-mail lost any money, please contact me, my plan is to hire a lawyer who can represent a bunch of people and go after Red Bull.

    My e-mail is

    Or if any of you kwow something about this company please contact me


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    Red Bull hasn't had a business relationship with CC since April.

    I have no qualms with Red Bull at all. They promptly informaed me when they decided to stop doing business with CC, they ensured that my pricing would remain intact with my local distributor, and they gave me an avenue to make further machine purchases through my local distributor. I enjoy a good working relationship with RBNA and my local distributor, so I guess I'm not sure what your beef is with RBNA.

    If you were starting a class action lawsuit to go after CC, I might lend you an ear. Part of the pricing they set for their machines included exclusive distribution and other "perks" which they can no longer offer. This, in my opinion, entitles the purchases to at least a partial rebate of the purchase price. That, coupled with the fact that they continued to sell the Royal Vendors without any approval or authorization from RBNA after the business relationship was dissolved, even going so far as to offer to buy back machines from operators interested in selling them bac k at a loss and with 50% or so of the purchase amount to be paid in installments. This should have raised red flags for anyone. It's obvious they were attempting to buy back as many machines as they could at 1/3 the price and then quickly resell them to other potential buyers before closing shop and leaving people high and dry.

    I'm not sure what you expect to get from RBNA. Your contract was with CC, not RBNA. If you purchased machines while RBNA and CC had a legitimate business relationship, you had no less than two buyback offers. One from CC and one from RBNA. If you purchased your machines in April or later, all I can say probably should have called Red Bull North America to verify their business relationship with CC before sending any money.


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      Also, this belongs in the vending forum. Thanks.


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        well, I could sue CC, but they are no longer in business.

        I sent my money after Red Bull had ended the contract with CC, Red Bull had my information and they did not contact me to tell me anything about it.

        I had no idea


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          I called CC on 6/28/06 They are still in business so Sue while you can. Everything in their contract with buyers has been violated.
          I Purchased 5 "Brand new machines" and was sent refurbished ones. hmm lets see...Fraud?? I think so. Also does transporting a fraud across state lines make this a federal offense? I was told that the sales office is closed down but the service office is still open. Law Suit? Sign me


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            You may be to late, This is an email that was just sent out. Veruca you must have a pretty good in with RBNA as I have not heard from them. My business partner has talked to them but not me, and yes I have called them. RBNA made us take down our website that CC said was ok to put up?????

            We are still looking for locations for our machines with "0" placed so far. We keep running into the same problem with COKE and Pepsi contracts. If you can offer any help please pm me.


            Dear Associate,

            We regret to inform you that our company, Creative Concepts of America, Inc. is in the first stage of bankruptcy. Our legal councils information will be sent to you along with all bankruptcy information next week.

            All Debts will be settled by a court appointed bankruptcy attorney. The company assets will be handled by the appropriate parties.

            Any correspondence before next week will not be responded to.


            Creative Concepts of America, Inc.

            Creative Concepts of America,Inc.
            4300 N. University Drive, Suite F-100
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351
            Tel: 800-717-0730, Ext. 208 or 217
            Fax: 954-742-9370


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              Why did they make you take down your website? Are we all going to have to take down our sites soon?


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                It has been my experience that when something of this nature happens that if you are going to sue a company that has multiple dealings with other companies , or for that matter, dealings in the near past, you go after everyone. Lawyers will tell you it is the "shotgun" effect. Somebody's going to get hit and hopefully remedy a wrong, no matter how large or small the remedy will be it helps the injured party(of course after attorneys fees)
                That doesn't make it right, it just makes it happen.
                Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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                  As far as getting any money back from CC the best you can hope for is pennies on the dollar. However there is the Issue of Criminal matters. They are not protected by the Bankruptcy law against Felony fraud. I paid for and was told I was buying brand new machines. I paid for brand new machines and was sent used machines. This was fraud on their part, plus transporting this fraud across state lines I beleive makes it a federal Violation. They not only took money but misrepresented themselves, The product (machines) and their relationship with Redbull, again all fraud issues. Mis handling of money will be taken up in court, but has anyone filed CRIMINAL CHARGES against the officers of the company. Maybe a few year behind bars would ease some of our pain. Email if anyone is on board and we can join forces.


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                    Quick Update, Not only has CC filed for Bankruptcy but their doors are locked, desks are gone and the office is empty. Gone like the wind!!


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                      I am interested in pursuing legal action against cc. Sign me up. I had originally purchased 10 machines back in Apr. About a week after I had sent the money I stumbled across this site and was really shook up after seeing what you guys had to say about CC. The company that had all of these accusations being directed at them were now the people who had 42,000 dollars of my money. I began contacting the FTC, and the Florida Attorny Genrals Office. I then sent CC a # of nasty emails and phone calls telling them the action that I was going to pursue ,lawyers, local and fedral authorities etc... I hadn't received any product or machines (keep in mind) They decided to renegotiate with me sending me a contract that stated I would get 10 machines and 3,600 drinks for 31,000 shipping included and they would send 5,300 on july 1st and a additional 5,300 on july 15th. It says in the contract in doing this, this would wave my abiltiy to pursue legal against them. I received the machines last week and was 42 cases short on drinks. I have sent many threating emails and have attempted to make many phone calls. If I don't see some money next week, I will be more than willing to pursue any and all types of action that will make their lives as much hell as possible.


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                        SH Vending,
                        Although the case quantity shortage is not tatamount to keeping you from doing business CC still violated the contract. Make sure that you have documentation of some form stating that you were shorted the product. In the spirit of the law the contract has been broken whether it be 42 cases or if it had been all of your machines.
                        Good Luck
                        Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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                          Absolutely, the product was delivered by Roadway and the driver and myself counted the cases. It was kind of funny, the shipping manifest said that their were 150 cases, but the driver and I broke open the shrink wrapped pallet and counted each case. There were only 108 cases. These guys are crooks. If they pay me my 10,600 and give me my additional cases then I am bound by the contract not pursue legal action. The clock is ticking.


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                            The clock has stopped. I spoke with a former Employee of CC. What they did was continue to sell machines after their contract in the hopes of using the buy back program to meet the orders for new machines, they then sold the used machines as new. They were not able to keep up and closed their doors, Locked up and cleared out. They stiffed the freight company all the shipping charges. If you have not received machines or money at this time you will not be getting either. CC can not get drinks either. They will settle for pennies on the dollar in court. I have asked the Attorney Generals office to file Criminal charges for fraud as they sold me used machines as new. I never got 1800 cans and had to pay $1273.00 extra to cover their unpaid shipping bill. As I mentioned the former employee told me the doors are locked, desks gone, phones gone, office is empty. Nothing left of CC...


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                              There are many options available to make CC sorry they were ever born, one is to not take this screwing laying down, I for one intend to contact every agency in the state of Florida that will listen to me and formally file complaints against these crooks. I suggest we all call and write, fax , email and literrally drive the state agencys crazy until they open a formal investigation, once they do, they will uncover fraud that will make them pay attention, individually we are not much of a case but collectivly I am willing to bet this is a multi million dollar fraud case !!I will post links as I find them