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  • Other Drinks in the REB BULL Machines

    Ok People, help me out here. i need to get these worthless machines making money! What else fits in them??? i heard the 12oz cans do and Double Shots. what adjustments are needed and how do you reprogram the price for the sugar free slot.

    By the Way take all your expired sugar free to costco and sams and get a cash card for them. i take back at least 1 case a week and get new product no questions asked! sometime i throw the cans on my driveway or puncture them. works like a champ and you don't lose any money.

    Also i have one machine that doesn't get as cold as it should. any ideas? who is offering tech support now??
    Thanks, Mike.

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    1)any 8.3/ 8.4 oz cans will fit with no adjustments.
    2)adjust the slider in the back to put in the doubleshots.
    3) read your manual it should tell you how to adjust price.

    Sooner or later they will figure out that you are ripping off costco and sams and will refuse to allow you to do so. Which btw is a fraudulant return and is against the law, same as shoplifting.

    4) try turning the thermostat knob to colder, if that doesn't work, try cleaning the coil or paying someone to work on it.
    If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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      Well said Saint regarding the shoplifting.
      IMO...I would not be so quick to brag about breaking the law. One never knows who reads this board.
      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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        With respect to your questions regarding shims and price, most of the questions are answered by the manual. Those that are not, can easily be found in the technical support section of Royal's website. For questions not covered by FAQ, Royal handles technical support calls directly - though they will probably frown on any call for which an answer can easily be found by doing a little research.

        I have never had a problem exchanging expired product with my distributor. If you have it often, you need to retool how you order product. Intentionally damaging product for a return is fraudulent and illegal. It's probably not a good idea to be encouraging people to do it.

        Before you call technical support with your problem, check to make sure you have unrestricted air movement through the cooling system and that the evaporator fan isn't binding. If you can't find the source and need to call tech support, have tools and a volt meter ready before you call.

        Good luck...


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          I suggest getting some Snapple Elements to put in your machines (1.38 retail at walmart 18oz cans)... much lower cost per case than your typical energy drinks and with a name like snapple hey you can't go wrong!

          (okay don't give me grief for this guys I'm just a fan of elements and it hurts me to see them slowly disappearing country wide as distributors make their own energy drinks and dump anything else)

          Elements if you think about it were the first in the juice+energy market, why don't they blitz the country to bring them back in high force.. take advantage of the name brand recognition and the actual good taste! its a unique bottle which yeah you can't get the dents out of but some careful handling makes it a very nice package. 18oz's you don't get the shakes from after lol.