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  • Cavalier CS-80C

    I just recently bought a Cavalier CS-80C machine and need a little help. Almost ever works fine except for some lights? There are three lights, two small 6 watt bulbs run two simple signs. One of these is working but the other is not? That it was simply the bulb but that is not the case. All wiring looks fine? The other is the fluorecent "Coke" sign. This too I thought was the bulb, but a new bulb will not light either? There is a black square plug that looks fine, but I'm wondering is something is wrong with it? Not sure how to tell? Can tips?


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    Make sure your starters are plugged all the way in. They can come loose pretty easily with the door opening and closing. usually they are round (approx size between a nickel and a quarter) and about 2 1/2 inches long made of aluminum. If it isn't that then well I am just a dumb soda guy
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      I just got done restoring a Cav CS-80C.
      One bulb is for Use Correct Change. This is only lit if the changer is low on change to give back.
      The other bulb (Have A Coke) is attached to a switch that is activated by the vending relay. Honestly, my Have A Coke light doesn't go on all the time. The switch is located under the vending rack.
      Some of these older machines did not use a starter for the fluorecent, so you may need to replace the ballast. I had to do this on my Vendo and it cost me less than $10 (at Menards).
      If you have more questions, you may want to go over to the forum at Soda-Machines.Com.
      Attached is a pic of my machine and the wiring diagram (it's kind of small, it wouldn't let me do a larger one).
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        Thanks for the help regarding the Cavalier questions. I was also able to find a company that sells downloads of old manuals for this machine. I didn't realize that the "have a coke" light only came on when money was deposited. I also assumed my coinco was set at the 10 cent indicated on the machine. I found out that it was set at 25 cents and the light works. I was able to set it back to 10 from another manual I found for the coinco from the same site. Great stuff! Regarding the main coke light, I simply replaced the starter and she lit! Thats again!


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          Help! I just bought a Cavalier cs-80c and I cannot figure out how to replace the flourescent light and starter for the main "Drink Coca Cola" sign.